The POWER of praising someone (I received another book review)

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I want to write today about the power of praising someone.
Let's start with me hahahahaha ...
No seriously.
Let me explain.
I wrote this book. It is my translation of the Tao Te Ching. Although only 81 chapters, it took me years researching and writing and rewriting and editing and rewriting again... I think you get the idea.
The reason I am mentioning my book is the other day I received a new review on Amazon. This is it:
I cannot thank Jaybles enough! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ... INFINITY ...
Why can't I thank Jaybles enough?
Just like you, I am finding life pretty damn tough after the years we've all just had and are still having. Particularly on the morning I read that review I was having a bit of a self-pity party. However, as soon as I read that one great review it did something to me. I felt like nothing could stop me:
It the reminded me how powerful a kind comment can be. Also how easy it is to give to someone.
You have the power every day to make someone feel the way I felt. Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you literally praised a family member? When was the last time you tweeted to someone and said "I love what you do" or similar?
In each of us we hold the POWER of praise. This power is real.
The question is ... what are you going to do with this power?
I challenge you to praise as many people as you can and see what effect it has.
Let me start with you. I think you are SERIOUSLY AMAZING for reading this post. I am a real person on the other end of this screen you are staring at. It really does mean a lot for you to be taking time out of your day to read these blog posts. I am genuinely thankful.
Take care today. I would love to hear what reactions your praise gets. Let me know in the comments.
PS. You may have noticed. I used a new speech bubble style for writing the content of my posts, do you like it? Should I keep using it? Let me know in the comments.

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