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Do you find you keep questioning whether you are living your best life?
Have you chosen a career or goal and still feel like something is missing and you chose the wrong one?
If you are answering yes then it sounds like you are suffering with the "Grass is greener" illness that affects all humans who do not know any better.
Luckily, I have a simple technique you can use to feel good about your life right now.
First, you must find a tool to write down a list. You can use something like an email or Word document but I prefer a pen and paper.

List out the following things. Note, you can add to this list, it is just a key guide to start you off:

[1] List the people in your life. Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, Children... use their names as you add them to your list.

[2] Add the home address you are living at. Then do a sublist of what it has, garden, amount of rooms, kitchen etc.

[3] Add your job and a sublist of your colleagues' names.

[4] Now add your key possessions, like favourite clothes, computer, car, phone etc.

[5] Add to the list all of your hobbies / passions.

[6] What about your health, add that in the list, you can doa sublist of parts of your health, such as diet and fitness.

[7] Keep adding key things that you have in your life. Pets?
Once you have your list written down. I want you to draw a vertical line to the right of each list item. So you end up with columns (one has the list items the other column has a header).
At the top of the first column write down this header: Would I be happy without this list item?
Work through each list item, row by row, and place the answer YES or NO in that column next to each one.
Note, the question "Would I be happy without this list item?" is not a trick question. It is not asking you to literally think that without an item you would want to die. It is just a light hearted question, it is trying to get you to give an instant gut feeling reaction. How would you feel without that item? Does it make you feel good to have your pet, seeing its little eyes looking lovingly at you every day? Without your wife or husband would you feel better (ouch, this one is very telling!).
The point of this exercise is to get you to visibly see (and realise) that you actually have a lot of list items which have a "No" against them. A "No" is a good thing!
So many humans get confused with having a goal to achieve (for example, to grow your business to do a billion turnover) versus aligning their happiness with the results of that goal.
Happiness is actually something that we always have from birth until death and beyond.

Don't let that voice inside your head override the reality of what you have. Every day it is good to remind yourself of what you do have. Place this list in full sight, so you see it every day and realise you have a lot to be thankful for.
If you get really spiritual about this, in the end you will realise that just being alive and observing life is all you need to feel grateful. You will realise that your human emotions and actions all take place on a different level to what can never be touched.

Finally, what about those "Yes" answers. The great thing with this list is it gives you quite a clear idea of what areas of your life you need to work on. Draw another column to the right and then work through each "Yes" answer. At the top of the column write a new header: "What steps can I do to improve this?"
Notice how I used the words "Improve this". That was on purpose because this column is not about giving up immediately. Especially if next to your partner you have stated "Yes". It is not about immediately thinking you should go on a dating site and find someone else. It is more about what can you do to improve the situation, such as talk, or book quality time together. Although, if you try everything and it does not change that "Yes" answer, well, it could be about going on a dating site!
I hope this technique has helped you feel good about your life right now. Take care today.
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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