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The Greatest Secret

the greatest secret

💛 There is an incredible story behind why I am recommending this book.

For those who have followed my blog you will know that I have been writing about The Fact of Everything for a while now.

Spoiler alert, the "Fact of Everything" is the revelation that you, me, and everything else, are all connected as one.

I had tried to explain this in blog posts, to let others know about this exciting fact. I think some people thought I was nuts.

I'd been researching spiritual awakening for years.

A life changing divorce made me rethink who I am? Who we all are? What is this life about? How could I continue living with a broken heart?

I explored many religious texts. I even rewrote the 2600 year old Tao Te Ching. A book which set me on my way to discovering what I know now.

For a while I'd wanted to write another book that dived VERY deep into what we all are. A book to help stop people suffering. Then something amazing happened...

I was listening to a podcast with Rhonda Byrne and Lewis Howes when I heard something marvellous.

Rhonda was describing similar things to the contents of the book I wanted to write. Too similar for it to be meer coincidence.

It felt fantastic to know that others had reached the same conclusion, totally independent of one another. What better validation than knowing people like Jesus and the Buddha all came to this joyful conclusion.

We all knew awareness is the key. Love is the key. Oneness (aka everything!) is the key. Keys that unlock who we really are and the joy that knowledge brings.

The fact that wise people across generations have independently come to the same conclusion about what "we" all really are, well it is the most wonderful thing that cannot really be put into words...

Although, Rhonda has done just that!

I totally recommend you read this book. It will change your life 💛 (or at least your view on it).