This early "very deep" description of this website made me smile

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Have you ever come across something you wrote about ages ago and reading it makes you smile?

I was just looking at the pages of this website in the admin back-end and I saw that one of them was in draft mode and it had been in draft mode for years. So I clicked on it and this is what I saw:

Welcome to my website, my name is Christian Jacques Bennett and I am on a mission to discuss the mysteries of Everything. The following paragraph sums up my years of searching for and finding the meaning of life...

"You (We) are essentially all part of Everything and Everything in this dimension of time and space manifests itself into forms and shapes one of which is called the human being. As a human you are blinded to the oneness of Everything because your individual survival instinct dominates your physiology. Thoughts and feelings (including emotions) are the two core things that govern a human's life and this website is dedicated to mastering them."

To explain, in the early days of this blog I was overthinking (as I tend to do) about what I wanted this blog to be focused on. It seemed to make sense to me to base it on what I passionately know is true, that we are all part of Everything and it is amazing. It is even more amazing trying to digest and work out how Everything can be explained and how it affects us. 

The trouble with having this VERY focused view of what all blog posts were meant to be written about, is that it is too focused. I don't like being boxed into writing about one thing. This blog has become the place I come to and write whatever comes into my mind that I want to share with you. Haha I know! That explains some of my very random posts; like yesterday's one about being irritated with "too perfect" Life Coaches.

However, if I ever did want to do a website that focuses on Everything and perhaps more aptly The Way of Everything which is my translation of Tao Te Ching, then "I LOVE" that early explanation I wrote. 

Have you ever come across things you wrote ages ago. Usually this happens sadly when someone passes away. You find that old emails and or handwritten letters are especially poignant. I would love to hear your experiences.

Take care today. 

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