About Christian Jacques Bennett


Yes, you guessed it!

I'm Christian Jacques Bennett 👋

I currently live in the UK. By the South Coast. It's a place where happy seagulls stand on rooftops and laugh all day. I have also lived in France and the USA.

Although I use a cartoon avatar for this website and social media there is a real person behind the drawing.

What to expect from reading this (mostly informal) blog:

Oh boy, now that is a question.


Because for years I've been trying to find a paragraph full of magic words that can reach out of the screen, like a genie, grab your soul, and convince you this blog and my books are exactly what you must read every day, to grow a better you, and a better life.

Unfortunately, as of yet, I haven't found such a paragraph. Or have I just written it...
I have been obsessed with wisdom ever since I saw the likes of Jedi Master Yoda and Mr Miyagi back in the 1980s. I consume every bit of wisdom I can get my mind on, especially when I am walking in nature. My aim is self mastery, leading to improvement and success in everything I do.

This blog is also about spreading lessons learnt so you too can become wise. With growing wisdom we can all share the joy of smiling each day and counting our blessings, whilst at the same time having as much fun as life allows us to squeeze 🍋 out of it.

In amongst the new joy self mastery brings us, it's true that life will continue to bring a lot of challenges to test our wisdom and skills. And yes many of those challenges will likely knock us down. But that's okay because I'm in the business of helping everyone rise up again.

Wisdom also leads to self improvement, alongside better performance and results. Understanding everything around and within us can get pretty overwhelming if not channelled properly. Therefore, in this blog I am focusing on tips relating to the brain, body & business.

In addition, I just can't help but throw in some elements of creativity, which is currently manifesting itself in the form of poetry.

Sorry, it took me a while to say this, but WELCOME to a positive and realistic journey of personal growth, one that will lead you to the inevitable mastery of your life.

Why write about the brain, body & business?

First of all. I love to write. I feel it connects the inner me to the inner you.

I think words are magical (literally they have power) and I believe writing books, poetry and blog posts are what make me happy. I have finally, after almost 50 years of searching realised that writing is my passion.

Oh and besides that, I am dying (as we all are).

Yes. It is true. I was reminded of this inevitable fact on 6 August 2023 when I realised that statistically I will die in 2055.

It's kind of eye opening to see the below stats relating to your own life:

Years left: 32
Months left: 385
Days left: 11,540
Hours left: 276,970
Minutes left: 16,618,177
Seconds left: 997,090,631

This awakening knowledge prompted me to rethink everything and focus my efforts to prioritize what I call "The 3Bs".

🧠 1st priority (Brain): To stay alive as long as I can with a wise mind I must ensure my mental health and mindset stays strong and flexible.

💪 2nd priority (Body): To remain youthful and active I must ensure my physical body stays strong and flexible.

📈 3rd priority (Business): To enjoy growing relationships, success and wealth I must focus on doing the things I love most.

I think prioritizing these 3bs is good for everyone of us. In doing so we can all stay alive longer and enjoy every moment we have left.

Things I love to do:

Note, these things are also likely to be reflected in my writing.

💞 Writing (Books, Posts, Poetry*) Drawing / Sculpting (Art) / Photographing

💞 Project & Programme Business Consulting

💞 VIP Improvement & Performance Coaching

💞 Simplifying (the Complicated)

💞 Brand Developing

💞 Website Designing & Marketing

💞 Money Scrimping

💞 Inventing & Philosophising

💞 Speculating / Investing

💞 Parenting...

💞 Plus a few other random things (Presenting / Vlogging / Podcasting)

This is my emerging guilty pleasure:


It is astounding how many humans put aside the things they love doing so that they can focus on raising a family, buying a house and climbing the work ladder.

There are too many of us abandoning doing the things we love, and seeing as I am going to be dead in roughly 32 years, I think it is about time I wrote more poetry!

So as of today (7 Aug 2023), I have added a "Poems" menu option which links to my poetry.

Also, I keep hearing billionaires on YouTube saying that you must love what you do if you want to have the endurance to build a wealthy brand and business. Well, okay. Let me be a living experiment to see if my poetry can be turned into my main source of income. I'll post updates to share my progress.

Some random things I have achieved:

👨‍🍼 I became a dad

🥰 I became a carer for my dad

🏥 I built a brand new NHS organisation from scratch (one which still exists and makes money)

📃 I attained a BSc degree 30 years after my first major agoraphobic panic attack (btw never give up)

⚖️ I won a £40k court case to see my daughter after my ex divorced me in the most stressful way imaginable

⚽ I won a cub football (soccer) final in the 1980s

🐕 I became a doggy dad for the second time (she is looking at me now asking for me to walk her)

📚 I have written several books (writing a modern version of the Tao Te Ching is my favourite so far)

I used to feel embarrassed to state what I have achieved but now I think it is good to give praise to your accomplishments. Be loud and be proud.

Kindness Rules ❤️

One last thing you have to know about me is I believe kindness rules everything.

I always revert to kindness whenever things get tough. It always improves the situation.

Kindness is a limitless power we all have inside. We can give it freely to another (and ourselves) any time we choose.

I believe if there is a god then it is kindness that describes them perfectly.

It is kindness that makes me want to reach out to you right now and ask. How are you? How's life treating you? If you are going through something tough then you have my moral support.

Keep strong 💪 and please use the growing wisdom on this blog to live the best life possible.

Hopefully you can now see that christianjacquesbennett.com is not just about me.

It is about you too.

It is about helping you squeeze every last drop of life out of the time you have left.

Okay, let's not wait any further, start reading something 😁

Christian Jacques Bennett
(Psychology Cert H.E, BSc Open Degree, MBA*, NLP Master Practitioner)