Can music and dance help you believe in god

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Can music and dance help you believe in god? 

I think they can. 

Let me explain.

First of all I must own up to being a believer of the oneness of Everything which in my opinion is what all religions try to teach their followers. Before you shoot me down in flames, I am not lecturing or saying you should believe the same as me. Faith is a sacred personal choice and the one thing nothing can take away from you if you believe strongly enough.

With that said and done, let me go back to explaining why I think music and dance help you to believe in god.

Have you clicked play on the above video? 

I dare you not to feel joy at watching the world come together in dancing to the Jerusalema song.

Joy is the start of your awakening to your connection with god. 

What many misunderstand is that god is not a man or woman or anything else. God is a term used to describe the indescribable. Whenever you do try and describe it as I have done in this post, it tends to elude you even more. I can tell you that god is you and me and all of us combined. It is everything and yet nothing. It is the Yin and Yang of life. It is what is and what isn't..... Can you see how the more I try and describe it, the word's meaning seems to elude what I am trying to convey to you.

To help answer the question, just know "good feelings" (which make you and others smile in peace), will enable you to tap into the part of god that your soul will recognise instantly.  

Music and dance do something to your body and mind that is hard to explain. Seeing others dancing to music adds to the overall sense of holiness. 

I use the term "holiness" in the true sense of the word. Nobody owns that term, it simply represents your constant connection with everything.

What better way to feel that connection than listening to music and dancing at the same time. 

I genuinely think music and dance can bring you closer to feeling all that god is: Joy. Love. Happiness. Hope. Enlightenment ... all the things that feel so good.

This was the main point of me writing this post. I wanted to help you feel something good inside today. Something that gives you hope and reminds you that goodness can be felt and others feel the same.

Take care of yourself.
Oh and before I go. If you want to get closer to god I recommend you learn the dance to Jerusalema. Trust me, you will feel great!
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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