The search for god and everything

Back in 2012, my life fell apart. Something I thought would never happen did. My wife told me she hadn't loved me for a long time and wanted a divorce.

What happened was such a life-changing experience, it made me rethink what this life was all about.

Specifically, I wanted to believe in something greater than just me and the thoughts that were running around my head. Something that would make me feel at peace with what had happened.

My new belief had to make sense not just for me but for everyone. It had to be based on the facts we know and not just taking a huge leap of faith. 

I turned to books and videos and keenly listened to spiritual and religious gurus, psychologists, atheist philosophers, scientists and many other types of thinkers sharing their wisdom.

I also started exploring religions. I saw that many happy people who believed their god exists seemed to find inner strength and peace of mind.

I was excited by the latter but the issue I had with those who say they found "God" was many (not all) described their deity as being a different form to themselves, something they were subservient to. Plus, many mainstream religions appeared to require a leap of faith that their god exists.

To be clear, this post is not about disproving other religions or taking anything away from people who believe in them. It is wonderful to maintain a strong belief, one that involves goodness and no harm to others.

Realising religion was not entirely for me - I also looked at atheism and being agnostic. However, again, every part of my being told me it was wrong to think that this physical life was all there was and that nothing "greater" than ourselves existed.

Finally, I tried not overthinking things and just asked myself the following basic question: What one word from the human language can be used to group something truly great, a word that captures all that we know and do not know, and all we cannot possibly ever know?

Instantly I came up with the word "Everything".

Next, I brainstormed how "Everything" could be something that gave me a sense of purpose and happiness. Blending the word with "God" suddenly made the thought of God less separate.

It was like dominoes falling over one after the other, I was very quickly able to unravel the facts around our existence and the meaning (or I should say the possible un-meaning) of life.

I started seeing GOD as an acronym for GREAT-ONENESS-DEFINED as well as a shortened term for GOOD. That made much more sense to me and felt right. Instead of a separate being it now felt like I was God and God was me - all of us.

It felt right that we each have the power of God (Good) within and if unified that power is amplified.

Through much research and reflection I realised that nature holds the answers to many questions.

For example, we know a skin cell is a smaller part of the human body. We also know that the human body is a smaller part of the solar system. If you keep zooming out you eventually realise that everything is connected and with the right perspective it appears (metaphorically) as one body of Everything (God / The Way). 

Watch this short video to get a sense of what I mean:


Then I came across the 2,600-year-old Tao Te Ching. Wow! I mean WOW!!

All this was discovered thousands of years ago. Why hadn't I been taught this at school!?

For those who have not read the ancient Chinese text, it describes the same conclusion that everything is one. It reveals that we should all treat each other as one family and flow with the Way. It teaches how the "Way" cannot actually be named and is another word that only begins to describe "Everything". It is a book that has 81 verses of text which each try and lever open the reader's mind to all that is and is not. 

I loved it so much I rewrote it! Here is my version if you are interested, it is called The Way of Everything.

Let me pause here... 

Take a deep breath...

god and everything

The wonderful thing is, humans are now at a point in their evolution where they can finally understand that they are not individuals, but instead, they are all part of one great everything. 

Most importantly, humans can also now understand that everything around them is also part of their real body. The body of everything.

Sorry if I am losing some of you, the human mind tends to overcomplicate things and the ego rejects anything that threatens its power over the true you (the one witnessing your thoughts).

I realise most people reading this will click away, if they haven't already, and will let their ego and identity continue ruling their life. 

This is fine, as long as they feel happy and are good people. It doesn't matter.

This post is not about dictating and forcing anyone to do or think anything they are not ready for. 

However, at some stage, usually later in life, those people will feel something is missing in their understanding of life. At that point they will hopefully come back here, re-read this post and finally understand what I am (we are) trying to say. 

Let's hope you are different, and you get it, you're feeling enlightened and will let this be your rebirth into a new way of living.

Finally, this is a great way to meditate everyday, for a few minutes, and teach yourself what you have just read. All you have to do is repeat this affirmation for as long as you want, ideally until you feel the truth it is teaching you:

I am everything,

and everything is me.

We are everything,

and everything is us.

I love everything,

and everything loves me.

We love everything,

and everything loves us.


Christian Jacques Bennett

Photo by Bobby Johnson on Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Originally Published: September 26, 2020


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  1. Interesting. So I can substitute "Everything" for the word "God?"
    After I had a spiritual awakening last year and remembered latent sexual abuse and rape, I could speak to people that had passed on. I am supposed to be a healer. So whenever I feel most connected to God my entire body becomes electric and my head stretches to the sky. It happens all the time but always when I hear the Bible being recited or the Torah or the Quran or certain languages. It is happening right now. People have asked me if I have a brain tumor and I am fairly certain I do not. At first, the power was so overwhelming that I had to answer people's prayers in Target and Wal- Mart, it happened hundreds of times. Ultimately, I agree that it is really not about the name for the deity but the feeling of oneness with the higher source. I am still figuring it out. Thanks for the blog. Peace.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment, by all means you can substitute "Everything" for the word "God". However, you can also substitute any word for the word "God" if that word captures the essence that everything is in someway linked and part of a greater physical or non physical concept. Fascinating what you say about your body becoming electric. Have you healed many people? Intrigued to know the biggest miracle you have performed with your gift.

  2. I too have come to this realization that we are one and there is peace in this thought. I bless you and hope this message spreads to others

  3. This makes so much sense. I have never really thought of me as being part of god. This actually makes me feel so much lighter. Thank you so much.

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