Are you going through life like a zombie

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POP that zombie bubble!

I feel my bubble burst this morning when I listened to the above video from Bell Julia's YouTube Channel.

How I found it was by following a video breadcrumb trail which started yesterday with the discovery of a Spiritual Community / Eco Village called PachaMama.

I copied this "About Info" from their website:

PachaMama is a natural sanctuary for the soul; a spiritual community united in the intention to live a life of reverence, meditation, and harmony with nature and the elements. Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley, PachaMama was founded in 1999 by Tyohar and a cluster of fellow travellers, following a vision to manifest an intentional community and embrace alternative living. Since it was founded as a spiritual commune and intentional community, the village has become an international gathering place, a colourful and unique energy field comprised of diverse personal and cultural backgrounds.

PachaMama is both a spiritual community for residents who have made it their home, and a nonprofit center of transformation that offers retreats and workshops to hundreds of visitors each year. All income is reinvested to support the operation, maintenance, and growth of the village. The community also has a Waldorf inspired School to serve the growing number of children born in the village as well as the families that have joined it. The school also welcomes visiting children.

As an eco-village, PachaMama continuously creates projects to increase biodiversity and sustainability, and to minimize its carbon footprint. The principles of permaculture, waste reduction, soil regeneration, water retention, and recycling (to name a few) are explored and applied in the village. PachaMama is wholly committed to providing nourishing, healthy food that is kind not only to the body but to the Earth as well. Superfoods, fruits, and leafy greens grown in the village are 100% organic and the community works in partnership with and supports local farmers using responsible growing practices.

The community of PachaMama is unique amongst communities in Costa Rica and throughout the world. It allows each and every one to experience spiritual community living with authenticity, close to nature, and in harmony with the cycles of silence, meditation, and celebration. What unites the village is the shared journey of awareness: a meeting of individuals beyond personalities and ideas. The intention to live a conscious life, looking into the mirror of one’s true self, is what binds the community together. Yoga, meditation, and sacred Native healing ceremonies are key to the soul of PachaMama, much more than mere lifestyle choices but rather deep-rooted commitments to the nature of this unique place.

There are many communities popping up all over the world. This one, so far, has captured my heart. It shows clearly that there is a place in the world that offers a different way of living.

I was already enthused about Pachamama but then I came across the video from Julia (top of page) and in it she describes her trip back home to Europe after she had been living at PachaMama for a couple of years.

What she says just hit me deep inside. It popped that zombie bubble. It gave me hope again.

How have you found the last few years? Have you started to feel that you are just a zombie?

Do you wake up around the same time? Have the same work pressures every week. The same life. You eat. Drink. Eat again. Drink again. You have the same conversations about the weather and politics?

The funny thing is, I am sure some of you are thinking "Hmm what is wrong with that?". Nothing. Everyone should decide their life. You can carry on with "that" life if you want.

For me though, the way Julia describes how going back to Europe had made her feel really hit home to me.

More and more I feel we are all just the governments' lemmings or pawns in their game of making money.

Which ever way you turn, a government has you by the balls. Tax for this. Tax for that. Fill out this paperwork. It is getting suffocating.

Even though the rich have always tried to keep the poor down, at least in 1100 BC you could run off into the mountains and live out your days in nature. Now if you tried that you would be arrested for trespassing on national park land or something similar.

I realise that in most (if not all) countries it is impossible to avoid taxes and their controls over you - but - I believe if you can find your tribe, like PachaMama, and structure your life to focus on what makes you feel alive inside, then that is the best way forward.

Now is the time to make the change. I will be retuning my plans to live a life of meaning. Watch this space... I will be sure to blog about it!

I would love to know what you think about all this. Do you feel we are all zombies? How are you popping that zombie bubble?

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