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The longer I live on planet Earth, the harder it becomes to ignore some very obvious facts about how countries around the world are being run.

People's egos seem to get caught in a loop of preaching which government party they idolise or which political referendum they support and they miss the obvious truth. 

The truth is, every single government system and political strategy does not work as effectively as it could. 

The truth is, every decade I have been alive I have watched the financial situation and local management of the places I live get worse and worse. 

It ASTOUNDS me that in 2022 many countries are still living under a dictator. It ASTOUNDS me how countries like Russia had a revolution to give everyone equal power and yet in 2022 the Russian wealthy elite are back to living billionaire lifestyles whilst its people scrape by. 

This is not an anti Russian post. On the contrary. I ABSOLUTELY love Russia, I think it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world - I get so FRUSTRATED that the current government setup stops it from being the best it could be - and I think the people and their history are vibrant and wonderful. 

I think the West is also bad. It pretends people are free to choose who should be in power, and yet they offer only a few political parties to choose from. I DISLIKE the way we are being taxed and more regulations are appearing that stop people from living freely. I DISLIKE the way there are homeless and starving people in the world.

It is OBVIOUS that the current systems of governing a country are not working.

So - what is the solution!?


Keep it simple. Do not overthink this. Do not make governing political.

First let's look at the 9 foundation pillars each human needs to thrive.

[Pillar 1] Nourishment - Without food and water, every human would die. As they starved they would certainly not be happy or productive.

[Pillar 2] Shelter - Without shelter, every human would also eventually die from the harsh climates that each country throws at them. There is also a need to give people their privacy and there are huge mental health benefits to giving someone a place to call their home.

[Pillar 3] Healthcare - Every human should have a system in place that provides them with healthcare to help them keep and stay healthy throughout their life.

[Pillar 4] Purpose - Every human benefits from having a purpose - or some kind of craft / occupation - that makes them feel a sense of accomplishment.

[Pillar 5] Joy - Every human benefits from joyful activities, such as falling in love, art, playing games, hobbies etc. Happy people do not want to start creating wars.

[Pillar 6] Environment - Every human will benefit from living in a healthy environment. Being at one with nature is healing and very important for mental wellbeing. Having open spaces, greenery and wetlands calm the soul and make humans feel good. Lack of air pollution is an obvious benefit. Having all other creatures equally being able to thrive in the environment keeps the world in balance and harmony.

[Pillar 7] Resources - Every human needs resources to be able to build and thrive in their environment.*** 

[Pillar 8] Security - Every human needs to feel safe and that agreed laws are being maintained.

[Pillar 9] Education & Innovation - Every human needs to be educated so that they can innovate and improve their and their community way of life.

Christian Jacques Bennett Blog

Once you know what foundation pillars humans need, it becomes very simple to manage.

You do not need political parties. You do not need religious* control. You do not need dictators. 

*Note, I am not anti religious, I think everyone should have the right to believe what they want to believe. My point is I do not think any government should enforce what religion its people should have.

So what do you need in place to manage a country?

First of all, I believe the world ultimately should be one. Therefore, it should be managed by a Global Committee comprised of representatives from each country. This guaranteed representation is to ensure every country around the world is always involved in decisions. The chair of the committee should rotate from one country to another at each meeting so there is balance, and the committee should always abide by the majority vote. If there is ever a tie when voting^ then things stay the same until a majority is reached.

Anything important that the Global Committee votes on should come via each country voting on it first and their representative then representing their final vote. ^Wherever voting occurs, it should happen three times, the first to see who/what wins first, the second to confirm that win, and a third deciding vote if the second outcome was different to the first.

Each country of the world would not need a political party or a party leader. Instead each country would just need a team structure put in place to manage the 6 foundation pillars.

To give you an example, to manage the finances the local country would vote for a Finance Lead based on their experience. Just like a normal job interview where you interview and appoint the best candidate. Using the 3 voting system mentioned above, all people of the country would vote for each role that is needed. This ensures everyone feels in control of what is happening to their own country.

There would also be regular review points where the country population can review how someone is doing in their role. If for example, the Finance Lead is spending too much money again and again, their job could be put out to advert.

This kind of team management of a country and population voting ensures that everybody has a say in how their country is run and everyone can monitor and ensure the best performance in delivering the 9 pillars.


In this new world management system, resources would be front and centre of ensuring every country has what it needs. The Global Committee would help to distribute resources such as water and food amongst all countries to ensure everyone's standard of living is good.

Most importantly, in this new world, money would be managed differently. Digital tokens or a set budget would be given in categories linked to the 9 pillars. 

This would mean every person would be ensured they get the correct amount they need each week, as follows:

[Pillar 1] Nourishment - Every human would get a generous amount of tokens to put food on their table. They can choose what food they like. They would go to the supermarket to buy whatever food they liked.

[Pillar 2] Shelter - Shelter is the only exception - In the newly managed world every human would be given a home, built to the latest specification and updated whenever needed. A family of 4 would be given space for four people, a single person would be given space for a single person. the homes would be pleasing to the eye and every person would be happy to live in the home they are offered. Note that there would be choice, as a single person you could be offered a home in many areas locally, nationally or the world, you would be free to choose where to live. You could even swap homes with others if they wanted - no sale would be needed the price of a home remains in line with reality - homes would not be places to invest money and hike up prices. Ultimately the government would own the home but you would have strong living rights to keep you protected at all times, the ultimate law being you will always have a suitable home provided to you.

[Pillar 3] Healthcare - Every human would be offered free healthcare.

[Pillar 4] Purpose - Every human would be given education and training to undertake the industries they wish to work in. Work would be optional because one could live on the basic tokens and set budgets they get, however, work would give the person undertaking that role extra tokens to be able to afford more food, clothing, travel on holidays, books, buy and afford transport etc. There would be every reason to want to work and feel satisfied in doing so. Note, for example, clothes would not be given for free and so this would encourage people to seek more tokens.

[Pillar 5] Joy Every human would get a generous amount of tokens to spend on being able to eat out, take vacations, book and create events like weddings, buy new clothes, go to the cinema etc. 

[Pillar 6] Environment - Every human would be indirectly allocated a budget to maintain and support the environment they live in, such as maintaining roads, flood defences, paths, fire service etc.

[Pillar 7] Resources - Every human would be given enough basic resources to live happily. Water, food (as per Pillar 1), heat for their homes when needed (as per Pillar 2) etc.

[Pillar 8] Security - Every human would be indirectly allocated a budget to maintain and support a police force. There would be no armies, there would only be a Police Force to ensure that the laws people vote for are adhered to. If ever anyone in the world tries to step outside of the system and become a dictator then this force would prevent that. Never again would one man like Stalin or Hitler be able to control and kill millions of people.

[Pillar 9] Education & Innovation - Every human would be indirectly allocated a budget to maintain and support their education and support innovation, such as an Innovation Force that would look at space exploration and pharmaceutical needs, for example.

Note, this newly managed world would still encourage the creation of businesses, so would still have different choices, such as clothing brands etc. The main difference is a business would not be profiting in the same way. The reason for doing business would turn to satisfaction rewards rather than financial rewards. For example, someone like Jeff Bezos would set up Amazon to improve the world he lives in, to feel proud for creating a company that delivers products to people better than anyone else. Products would be made through contracts with a Local Committee (which reports into the Global Committee). The critical difference is that it would not be about mass profit, it would be about pride in creating a global brand that has the founder's name associated with it. There would be some perks too, so more incentive to create and run a company, you just wouldn't become some kind of powerful oligarch with a billion dollar yacht. Unless that yacht was agreed to be built and used for beneficial purposes to aid the country the profit was made in (e.g. to take sick children on world trips).

Obviously I cannot write down everything that this wonderful newly managed world would be able to do and how it would do it. Hopefully though you can see that there is a better way to live and it can be achieved.

What I have described is a way in which all of the people can run the world and not some dictator or political party that loses touch with reality and prioritises itself above the people. It is a way in which all country populations would benefit and live happily ever after.

Take care today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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