The truth about happiness that life coaches do not want you to know

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I have been around long enough to watch the internet being born and all of the marketing terms and fads that come with it.

I am specifically talking about the era of "Life Coaches" and their happiness formulas which, like hot corn, popped up all over the internet.

Tony Robbins is one of many life coaches who is a master at enthusing a crowd of people who are desperate for some positive change in their life.

Before I go any further let me state that I have nothing against Tony and love and respect what he has done and does. This article is not aimed negatively at him but at the numerous life coaches that have sprung up from the career he carved out. Each of them chasing his success and sometimes overdoing their sales pitch when it comes to happiness and their formula* to get there.

*Note, I am not saying the life coaches listed in via the link above are in anyway selling you bad advice or products, I am just using a general Google search to give you a sense of what type of thing I am talking about.

So many life coaches have become authors of books guaranteeing you will find happiness. The question is, have they ever worked for you? Seriously, have they because I would like to know. Please add a comment below if you have found happiness via a life coach formula.

The issue really always lies in the sale pitch title of the book or the targeted advert. Normally there is an overenthusiastic guarantee that by reading the book and or formula you will be happy.

However, the truth about happiness that life coaches do not want you to know is that happiness in itself is a grossly misunderstood word.

There is no way on this earth that someone can be 100% happy at all times. The best you can get is someone who is in tune with oneness and understands that when they feel unhappy it is so that they know what feeling happy is. This is the Yin and Yang of happiness.

Let me repeat this because it is so important for you to find and feel true "Happiness".

The word in itself is wrong. It would make more sense to be termed: "Happy-and-UnHappiness". This sets more realistic expectations.

In our every day lives many of us have become obsessed with needing to be happy all of the time. 

So many marriages end up in divorce simply because one or both partners reach a certain age and panic that they are not feeling 100% happy all of the time and therefore it must be because they are with the wrong person. We have become a throwaway society. Our expectations have been set wrong from very early on. 

It seems that if you feel unhappy then you should move on to find happiness. There doesn't seem to be anything about improving your environment and being the change you wish to see.

Life is not meant to be one joyous event after another. Although you can certainly try to make it that way, and that is the secret to Happy-and-UnHappiness! 

Human beings have been given wonderful gifts of choice and planning. Life is going to hit hard at times and spoil the party, but you always have the ability to choose to see things in a positive light and plan some better days that make you feel good inside. 

So please, the next time you see a life coach selling you a guaranteed formula for happiness, just pause for a minute and remember what the "Happiness" word really should be! 

Wishing you all the Happy-and-UnHappiness in the world. Take care today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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