How a four leafed clover proved life after death

Well you have found it. It was buried deep in the world wide web but you found it! The incredible thing is you will likely read it and then eventually your mind will lose it (or just deny it).

Don't let this happen! Hold on to this knowledge and let it make you feel happy for the rest of your days. You can now feel rest assured there is nothing to worry about when the time comes to pass through to the dream world. Just enjoy the ride, be kind and have some fun until it's your time.

What have you found?

The answer to what will happen to you when you leave this physical world (although please note my caveat - I do not know everything and cannot possibly say other things also can happen after death - but heck I am personally going to latch onto this outcome - whether you do is up to you - my question would be, why not!?).

Let me start at the beginning.

Something incredible happened on the 30th July 2020 which I will never forget. I had a profound spiritual experience which was relevant to everything this book is about.

The day was incredibly beautiful and the sunshine and temperature felt perfect. I had taken the day off work and was walking my dog in the forest.

As I walked amongst the shaded trees, I suddenly heard a familiar voice. It was the voice of a loved one who had recently died.

It is hard to explain, but the Way was using the loved one’s voice as a conduit for me to ask questions about life and death and in the following paragraphs I will share with you some of the answers I received.

The Way explained to me how the human form is much like an egg or cocoon. Human life is merely just the beginning. It is an important incubation period which when ended sets free the physical form into the non-physical dimension; a place where anything is possible; some might call it heaven or nirvana.

I was told that love really does flow through everything and is always there to heal, to provide comfort, happiness, contentment and peace, whenever it is needed.

The discussion lasted for quite a while before I asked for some physical proof the dialogue was not a result of my imagination.

I looked down at some clovers growing by my feet. Without having to say anything the Way instantly heard my request, “If this conversation is real, prove it by leading me to a four-leaf clover”.

For those who do not know, a clover plant usually has three leaves. The chances of finding a four-leaf clover are almost impossible. For example, I had searched for more than four decades and never once had I - or anyone close to me - found one.

Excitedly, I carried on walking until I came to a junction of many paths. The one to my immediate left was dark and muddy. That was the path the Way led me down.

After several minutes I stopped and looked downwards. There it was. A four-leaf clover. Here is the photo I took of the moment.
I appreciate this was a very personal experience and so you can choose to believe or disbelieve me. I realise people will make of it what they will. However, as long as someone finds peace in what I have written then I will be happy for having shared it.

What an amazing comfort it is to know that loved ones who have departed this physical world are in a good place.

I have only shared parts of my incredible experience in the forest, but hopefully what you have read demonstrates the Way is indeed real and we are all part of it, as the chapters in this 2600 year old book allude to.

I hope my anecdote brings you comfort in knowing the Way is everything the Tao Te Ching teaches us it is.

Kindly: Christian Jacques Bennett

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  1. A few days ago, I found a five leaf clover! And today I found two four leaf clovers! 🍀

    1. That's amazing! Do you have any photos? Would love to hear more about where and how you found it....

  2. A young member of my family died earlier this week. It is comforting to think she is in a better place and we are still connected. God bless you

  3. I was sitting in the grass today at ym Nana's grave. I needed to talk to her, i am 34 years old and she just passed in November. Shes been my best friend my entire life as long as I can remember. I've been struggling with her passing, missing her is a constant. Anyways, I went to talk with her and my words turned to tears and I sat there sobbing for maybe 5 minutes. I managed to say out loud, "Granny please help me." At the moment one of my tears hit the top of my hand resting in the grass, and right there between my thumb and finger was the only 4 leaf clover I've ever found. I had chills gobdown my spine, and when I left the cemetery today, somehow I felt a little lighter and a little less alone.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I love stories like this, I personally think this shows that we are always connected in some way to those we love. There are mysterious powers beyond our comprehension and that is a great thing to make us feel as ease with everything.

  4. About 10 years ago when I was around 12 years old my first dog died. The next few days my mom found at least 4 4 leaf clovers in my backyard, she had never even found one before. She continued to find them until her friend told her it was a gift from her dog. After that she has never found another one.
    This week I lost one of my best friends very tragically. The first night he was gone I laid in my bed and talked to him. One part of the conversation I asked him to show me a sign he was still with me and everything is ok. The next day Im walking in my backyard looking at the clovers not too hard and in 5 mins I find my first 4 leaf clover. It immediately made me tear up but since then I have found more comfort as I know he'll forever be with me. My mother still has some of the clovers framed from years ago and I'm in the process of framing the one I found.
    Im happy I found this post as this is what I was searching for!

    1. Wow this is a wonderful and powerful story, thanks for sharing. There is definitely something wonderful that connects us all.

  5. Well you won't believe this.... I recently went on holiday to North Yorkshire, UK. I hired a lodge in the woods and had the most amazing time. I hadn't visited Yorkshire before and I fell in love with it. With this in mind, I was walking in a huge field one morning when I looked down and realised that the field was filled with clovers (all three leafed!)... Then I remembered my encounter with the dream afterlife (if that is what I should call it) and I reconnected to it by asking the question: "If I am meant to come and live up North, possibly Yorkshire, then lead me to a Four Leafed clover. Yes, you guessed it. After almost 50 years on this planet and having never found a four leafed clover until a few years back (and believe me I searched for all those years). I found myself being led to a spot where I looked down and saw one. So it looks like I should move up North! I am so humbled to have found two of these four leafed clovers now. Maybe, like the first commenter I need to raise my game to finding a five leafed one haha! ..... Main point here is, to me it seems that there is some kind of dream world we are connected to, and it is wonderful. So you should never worry about the hardship this life brings you because things will always work out. Take care today.

    1. I live in Yorkshire and have never found a four leaf clover so you are very fortunate. I walk my dog every day and look so it is not like I don't try. If I ever find one I will add another comment.

  6. I've never found a 4 leafed clover so I'm amazed by your story. I've always thought that there's more to life than what we see and this proves it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This brings me such joy to know my loved one is somewhere they are happy. Blessings x

  8. Wonderful story

  9. I'm so grateful to read this. Someone close to me passed away recently and it is lovely to know that maybe there's something else besides this world. Somewhere they'll find happiness and peace. God bless you.

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