The worlds first Life Pathfinder

The worlds first Life Pathfinder

What is a Life Pathfinder?

A Life Pathfinder 👣 is simply someone who helps you find paths that will improve your life.

Pathfinding can also be defined as finding solutions and leading / enabling people (either on their own or in large organisations) to reach said solutions.

Why not just call myself a Self Improvement Blogger?

Well I do call myself that too.

In the same way a coach (which is another trait of being a pathfinder) may also blog about things, blogging itself does not stop them being a coach.

Also note, a Life Pathfinder who blogs doesn't have to be confined to writing in a blog only. They can blog, they can vlog, they can do real life coaching, speeches and many other things. They can be an author, preacher and a presenter etc.

If you really want to dive deep, you can also find out about Pathfinding over at my sister website,, where I first invented the term.

*****Note: I do also call myself a Self Improvement Coach this is because it is a phrase that people understand more easily and one that SEO understands. The key point for any label is the meaning behind it. My meaning is to provide you with excellent knowledge on the subject of self improvement. Knowledge that will transform your life in the best way possible.

Christian Jacques Bennett
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