Joy can be found through others

Watching Jonna Jinton's videos are always a magical experience. This time I was captivated to the point I felt I was living my life through her and Johan.  

I realise that might come across like I have been eating something with hallucinogenic properties. I promise I haven't.

It will help to add that I believe in oneness. To explain what I mean. Imagine looking through a microscope to focus on blood cells and then zooming out to see those cells connected to other cells. Keep zooming out to see they are connected to skin cells, to organs, hair, until eventually, you see a whole human body.

Are you with me?

Imagine if you keep zooming out to see a continent and then an entire planet. That planet looks like a blood cell to everything larger, like a universe. This basic example shows how everything is connected. It is only your perspective that makes it seem otherwise. 

Back to the Jonna Jinton video. Me saying that watching it felt like I was living my life through her and Johan should seem more understandable. We are connected. We are one big body with each person feeding back different experiences.

Maybe you don't feel the same about the video. That's okay. My point in writing this is to encourage you to find a video that does make you feel the same way. 

In these unusual times of social distancing and lockdown, the ability to tap into oneness can provide you with a much-needed boost. Here are some vloggers that can help you escape through the screen to another perspective of life.

Sailing La Vagabonde - Subscribe 🖰

Jon Olsson - Subscribe 🖰 - Subscribe 🖰

My Self Reliance - Subscribe 🖰

Isabel Paige - Subscribe 🖰

Have fun! I would love to hear which vloggers help you experience life through their lens.


Christian Jacques Bennett


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  1. Love this. I am living life through and as Everyone.

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