Wake up to who you really are

who you really are

I love studying human nature.

I am fascinated to understand why we think what we think and do what we do.

Ultimately, I want to decode every part of human nature so that we can re-programme how we think and live the best lives possible.

Let us pause at this point to reflect on that last sentence.

It is important to note, when I say, "So that we can live the best lives possible", I am not implying that you have to be sitting inside a billionaire's mansion or lying on a beach in Bali, or managing a company you founded. 

To be living the best life possible you could be working in a job you did not choose to do. You could be in a challenging relationship. Or anything else YouTube advertisers are trying to sell you to achieve.

If you stick with this post, and my blog, I will teach you that whatever your situation, the real you can feel happy under any circumstances.

So let's crack on with a great first lesson in reprogramming human nature. Warning, what you are about to read will change your life forever.  

You are not your personality!

What do I mean by this?

That fact that you can read this post implies to me that you are at an age whereby you have gained enough learned experiences since birth that you have built up an identity of who you think you are. Right?

You will have a name that someone gave you. You will have learnt if you like certain foods. You will know if you are good at sports or studying. You will know what your favourite colour is. Right?

However, all these things that grew you into the personality you are right now are not who you are! 


For example, let's take this morning. Imagine you were in a car crash and lost both your legs. Do you think in ten years you will be a different personality as a result of that accident?

Of course.

Personalities of people are constantly changeable and so can never represent the real spirit inside.

Experiences shape your identity every second you are alive. Therefore, how can you possibly be the historical person you think you are? At any moment something could happen to change your personality. A stroke, for example.

So who are you? Who is the real you if it is not the person who grew up in X neighbourhood and has X family members?

The real you is not your personality. The real you is a part of the body of everything. The real you existed before you were born, exists whilst you are alive, and will exist long after your human life has ended.

What do I mean by the latter?

I mean that in the same way a skin cell is connected to, and is, part of your body, your human form is also connected to, and is part, of everything around you.

You don't run up to someone you love and ignore their feet and hands and only think they are their face. That would be weird, right? So why have you always thought you were just your body? You are part of something greater!

It is time to wake up and live the best life possible.

You are everything you can think of, and most importantly, everything you cannot think of. You cannot be destroyed. Your human experiences cannot change who you really are. Ultimately you are connected to love and love can never be bad.

To be clear. What I am saying is not my opinion. It is a "Fact of Everything". The fact being whatever your religious or philosophical beliefs are, you cannot deny that your human form is the only thing in the world. Even if you believe in a separate god who pulls levers to make things happen, the levers he is pulling and the things he is controlling are still part of something bigger than himself (aka Everything, including the unknown and the known).

Once you acknowledge, on a deeper level, that you are "Everything" and "Everything" is you, it will transform the way you regard the world around you. The way you interact with everything.

You will start not taking everything so personally. You will start realising your thoughts are just part of human mechanics and so you can ignore the ones that drag you down. The real you does not have to listen to thoughts. The real you knows right from wrong because the real you is the Way - God - Oneness (whatever term you prefer). Everything you see around you is your family, regardless of colour or shape or opinion!  

The real you can accept any situation the human finds itself in and can seek out a positive perspective to make your human moments feel great.

What I am telling you is not a trick. I am not trying to fill your mind with an analogy that just makes you feel better. It is true. You are made up of the components everything produced. 

You are as amazing as anything else you can imagine because you are everything and everything is you. 

Just think about it ... if you are not just your physical form it means there can be no more jealousy of anyone else (because they are you), no more worrying about any situation you find yourself in (because the situations are part of you too). Most amazingly nothing can ever get destroyed, when someone dies it is only your physical perspective which hides the non-physical from your human body. So be happy, be excited, you are starting to wake up to what it means to be alive. Enjoy every moment starting right now!

Welcome to the real you.

Christian Jacques Bennett  
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