The Fact of Everything

Ready to dive deep?

Nobody can define an exact mental description of what it is we individually and connectively are.

However, what rational people can all agree on, is that all things you can think of, and cannot think of, can together be labelled using the rather general term: "Everything".

Taoist and other religious books and teachings have known all of this for thousands of years, hence what I am saying is nothing new.  

The "Fact of Everything" refers to the fact you, a pencil, a universe, a magical god, a tree, a planet, a dream etc can be considered part of "Everything". That is a fact. In the same way you couldn't deny inside a fish tank that the fish, the rocks and the water are not also all within that fish tank. To be gross, if you were to crush that fish tank together into a tight mass, the end result would still contain the fish, the rocks, and the tank. They would obviously be in a different form but essentially they are still all there.

The purpose of me telling you this is, I would like you to understand you are not only the being you "think" or "believe" you are because you are also everything else around you. You are a pencil, a universe, a magical god, a tree, a planet, a dream... Anything you can see, imagine or cannot imagine. The real you has taken on the form of all of those things. And no, this does not detract from the beauty of being human and your exploration and growth of your human identity.

I want you to visualise your mind spreading itself out to reach all of the things in the area you are now in. Pretend to be these things and look back at yourself, or think about how they would sense the world around them. Do this for several of the forms in your area. Be the oxygen, the breeze, the road, the house etc.

Once you get the hang of not being your human body but also being the other things around the area you are in, I want you to expand your feeling of being the many other things in the city or town you are in or nearby, keep spreading your mind out faster and faster to everything in the world and beyond. 

You do not have to imagine everything else's perspective in full, just skip through it until you feel that you are not just yourself.

With enough practice, in time you will learn to vibrate your mind into a state of not thinking. Once you reach that state you will feel connected to everything. 

There is no room for debate here. Whether you want to discuss whether your religion is the only one, or anything else you think defies what is being stated, whatever you think (or imagine), literally everything still falls under the label of "Everything". I am not saying anything is incorrect, how could I? I am purely collectively bringing everything together under one name.

I did warn you this would get deep.

I will return to this Fact of Everything many times in my writing. I hope it hasn't blown your mind. For now please just contemplate it. 

Thank you for your time. May your day be blessed with many smiles.

Christian Jacques Bennett*  

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
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