You are not going to be assimilated by oneness

I just read a fascinating article in Scientific American, titled: How Do I Know I’m Not the Only Conscious Being in the Universe?

Before moving on to the next part, you may want to read it!?

The article covers differing opinions on whether all humans share a viewpoint of the world around us - or - instead - we each have our own view on reality.  

At the end of the article, the author finishes with a concern: As hard as solitude can be for me to bear, I don’t want to be assimilated. If solipsism haunts me, so does oneness, a unification so complete that it extinguishes my puny mortal self.

It makes me shudder whenever I read things like this because people's view of oneness is still completely wrong.

The Oneness of Everything which the 2,600-year-old Tao Te Ching helps point out, is nothing to feel threatened by. It would be the same as you saying you feel threatened by your hand or foot. They are parts of your body. Parts of you. You are part of the Oneness of Everything.

Let me explain a bit more. 

Oneness is something everyone is part of by the pure logic that everything includes what we know and do not know.

So going back to the Scientific American article ending. You cannot be assimilated into oneness because you are already oneness. 

As far as knowing if you lose your memories and identity after you die, that is something nobody alive knows. We can all imagine things. We can even try and support theories. 

For example, like many others, I have seen ghosts. I have also been spoken to by the Way (The Toaist term for God / Oneness / Everything) and during that conversation I was told about the afterlife. 

Just in case you are thinking I am mad, during my conversation with the Way, I asked for it to prove it was talking to me by leading me to a four-leaf clover. I had been looking for over 40 years for a four-leaf clover, and it led me to one immediately! 

Even after all of my experiences, I still would not want to tell you that when you die "XYZ" definitely happens. 

Nobody can say that. Not even Eckhart Tolle 😉!

What we can all say is that all of the things we know and do not know can be bunched under the label of "Everything". We can all respect that there is more to us than just our minds and bodies. 

Even those who "think" we are in a computer simulation would have to admit that the machine giving us the simulation is something additional (plus who built the machine!?).

It is also important to realise that you are not your thoughts anyway. So thoughts like "assimilation" are created by your instinct and emotions, these in turn trigger what many know as the ego to jump into self preservation mode within someone's mind. When you finally realise the ego is like a cancer you quickly come to learn that you should never listen to your ego or its many alter egos (some create irrational phobias).

So please do not worry about being assimilated by oneness (everything). If you can accept you are already part of it then that is the best feeling you can give yourself. It means you stop taking everything personally, it means you are already living forever, it means you will be exactly what you are always meant to be, in the moment you are in (and yes, that is a good thing!). 


Christian Jacques Bennett

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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