How do I handle the fear that I am feeling

The immediate answer is to listen to Eckhart Tolle.

Eckhart has a way to cut through the jargon people's minds conjure up.

Fearful thoughts happen to you. You do not want to create fearful thoughts.

The moment you realise that thoughts are a tool to be used is the moment you will find inner peace.

Think of thoughts as if they were the flowing water of a river. A river always flows. However, just because it flows, do you always swim?

No. You do not.

So why do you always think you must jump into your flowing thoughts? Especially thoughts which induce fear.

Eckhart understands the way to silencing fear is to ignore those thoughts. To repeat, you must realise thoughts are like flowing water. Choose when to swim and when to stay dry.

Fears your loved ones will die or you will lose your job are different from understanding you can cope when (if) they happen. As Eckhart says at 7m33secs into the video, "What's been happening to you fulfils no useful purpose" (i.e. The fear your thoughts are bringing you do not accomplish anything to benefit you).  

As soon as you recognise worry will not help you deal with the fear your thoughts conjure up in their flow, you dispel them from your mind. 

Learn to focus on the moment, on your breathing, on the fact you are living in this moment.

Let me know if this helped you?


Christian Jacques Bennett

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