How to break free from ego bullying

How to break free from ego bullying

Each day you are bullied by society. Most people don't even realise it. 

What exactly do I mean by ego bullying?

First, please click here to listen to the wonderful Wayne Dyer explaining to Oprah what the ego is.

Not only are the egoic thoughts in your head not who you are, but they are also not who anyone else is. The problem is, if other people do not realise this, their egos will have free reign to say what they want.

Here is an an example of what I mean. 

You visit your friend's house feeling excited because you have an idea of moving to France. You have been thinking about it all weekend and have read some articles. You feel so happy at the thought of travelling and trying out a new culture. 

Shortly after telling your friend, they raise their eyebrows and explain how you don't speak French and therefore it would be too difficult to socialise. You don't have any savings either. How would you pay for it? Besides, what would you do without them in your life? 

Suddenly your ego kicks in too. Worries float to the surface of your thoughts. You decide to dispel the idea altogether. 

Believe it or not, this kind of ego-bullying is done mostly by parents. They have good intentions. They do not realise their ego is the one doing the talking.

Has this kind of thing happened to you today? Did you come down to breakfast only for your partner to make a comment about you wearing the wrong coloured shirt?

How do you break free from this ego bullying?

It is simple. 

Be aware that you are not your thoughts! 

When you realise you are not your ego, when you realise that nobody else is either, you do not take anything personally. 

If a man on drugs ran up to you in the street shouting the world's going to end, would you listen to him? No. It is the same for anyone drunk on their ego. Which, as it happens, is most of the population, most of the time.

Free yourself from the ego. Be happy with sticking to your guns, even if that means being different to everyone else. Know that you stand out when you are different. You shine so brightly the world sees how amazing you are.

Christian Jacques Bennett

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
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