How to stay happy

I just watched the Disney film, Swiss Family Robinson. I love the end scene with Fritz and Roberta, when they tell you happiness was right in front of them all along.

This film came out in 1960. Why, if this happiness lesson was known then, has the world gone down the wrong route of seeking out happiness? 

To clarify, happiness is not a destination because it is always available to you. 

The following example will help explain.

A young athlete thought he would be happy when he won the Olympic 400 metres running race. He tried for 15 years but was not successful. 

Next, he looked to be a world record holder at walking around the world faster than anyone else. Another 15 years later and he had not broken the walking record. He started to feel depressed.

Then, one fateful day, he was in a car crash. He was badly hurt and could not walk. The athlete turned to his partner as he lay in a hospital bed and said, "If only I could walk around this room I would be happy". 

It was then he finally realised where happiness lay. 

Please don't waste 30+ years of your life pursuing "Happiness" as a destination.

Yesterday I wrote this post about who can make you happy. Today I wanted to drum home more about how you can tap into the happiness that is within you right now and stay happy.

First of all, please stop what you are doing (as long as it is safe to do so).

Think of the worst part of your life right now. What is it? Is it to do with your weight, your finances, your relationships? 

Okay, next it is time to apply the most powerful word ever. PERSPECTIVE.

I want you to find a positive perspective on the worst part of your life. 

Just like that athlete I told you about, realise that right now your worst situation has the components to make you happy. 

I don't know what you are thinking about but let me help you train your brain to defeat your negative thoughts and feel happy now by using an issue of being overweight as the example. You should be able to adapt what I say to your own situation. If you cannot then please comment, I would be happy to help. 

If you are worried about being overweight, realise that your happiness does not lie in how much you weigh. Realise that many people in your exact circumstance have reduced their weight and become healthy

Focus instead on the facts. The fact you can at least stand up, and if you cannot, the fact you can look through your eyes and listen through your ears. Watch a programme that will make you feel happy. Listen to music that will make you feel happy.

Ultimately, teach yourself to open your eyes to what happiness you do have right in front of you right now. 

I hear what's coming. I have got your back. That voice in your head is probably telling you not to listen to me. How could I possibly know what you are going through? It is so easy to say be positive but how can I feel what you are feeling, you are in pain, you are hurting, you...........

Shout STOP right now. Raise your arm if it helps. Do this every time any thought like that is taking you away from being happy. 

Understand that your ego will feel threatened by what I am telling you. It will say anything to you to stay alive in your head.

You must learn to laugh at that negative side to the ego. It is actually funny how much its voice tries to ruin your life. 

Once you truly become aware that you are not your thoughts or your constructed ego, you will feel enlightened. You literally will feel lighter in body. You loose that heavy burden that weighs you down with negative thoughts. 

Remember, you are always in control of filtering what goes through your mind.

If you can truly learn to see the many happy facts which surround your life right now, happiness will stay with you throughout your life. 

Christian Jacques Bennett

Image by Fifaliana Joy from Pixabay

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