This is how to play with yourself and enjoy it


This is how to play with yourself and enjoy it:

I'm starting to play with myself and it is harder than I thought...

Okay. Okay. I may have click baited you into "coming" here.

Stop with the sexual innuendos!

I am stopping! Seriously.


You are going to benefit from reading to the end of this post because you will learn that you are already in a place right now where you have everything you need to feel happy.

I recently turned 50. At this age you're gifted with a very good life viewpoint where you can look back and examine what the f*ck went wrong.

Most importantly, you want others to learn from your mistakes so they don't have to repeat them.

I remember routinely wishing my life away.

What I mean by that is, I remember working in boring jobs and thinking "If only I did not have to work. If only I could wake up and choose what I want to do today. I would be the happiest man alive".

That is a great example of the absolute boll**ks your unchecked mind tells you to ruin the time you are living in that moment.

The real unhappiness lies in your chatterbox mind always wanting to be somewhere you are not now.

Think about that.

That is a HUGE wake up call for anyone who "thinks" their life sucks.

Your life doesn't suck. It is only the thought "My life sucks" that makes it suck.

Proof of this is me. I have recently attained what my younger self wanted and yet I realise thoughts still try and destroy the moment.

Thankfully - I have learnt to be aware.


The key to you living a contented life starting right now, is sharpening your awareness.

The good news is we all have awareness. Let me show you.

I want you to think the following thought: "I am a tree 🌳".

Keep repeating that thought for a minute.

Okay (yeah yeah I know you didn't do a minute) the point here is that you are obviously not a tree. Are you?

In other words although you were thinking "I am a tree" you have an awareness in you that separately analyses that thought and never fully buys into it.

Awareness is real. Awareness is the link you have to the real source of who you really are.

And by remaining aware at all times of what your monkey brain 🐒 is trying to tell you, you can easily start to form mental programmes to deal with the thoughts that do not help you in any way enjoy the time you have on this earth.

TIME 🕰️:

That brings me to Time.

Being 50 I am able to look back at all of the incorrect thinking I put myself through and realise it was incorrect thinking.

If you fill your mind with thoughts that are taking you out of the moment, you are destroying the moment.

So instead of regurgitating negative thoughts like:

- My partner is not good enough for me

- I hate my work and wish I was at home

- I am fat and ugly

...And all of the infinite amount of incorrect thoughts you might tell yourself.

Instead of pandering to these thoughts. Use your awareness to step into the moment and SHOUT STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

Change your thoughts to:

- My partner is good enough for me

- I love this job and how it makes me love my home time

- I am beautiful and so goodlooking


In every single moment the awareness can step in and change any negative thought into a positive one.

In doing so you will live every moment in contentment.

You wouldn't keep scraping your knuckles on sandpaper so why sand down your happiness with thoughts your monkey brain is trying to destroy your moments with?


And so back to me right now. At 50 what have I learnt from being in a position to enjoy myself?

I have learnt to use my awareness to ensure that I do enjoy myself. Like going to a gym to keep fit, I am constantly training my mind to do this with every breath.

The muscle 💪 I have built is one that realises life is way too short to waste moments with thoughts that bring you down.

Life is way too short not to play with yourself.

And you can easily play with yourself by letting go of the monkey brain 🐒.

Play with yourself by simply having fun in any moment.

Yes. Any moment. Even the tough ones. I mean who is telling YOU that you mustn't have fun in all situations? Society? Fu*k society. This is your one life, so live it joyfully and let the ignorant carry on feeling crap every day.

A quick example: If you are at work starting a 48 hour shift. Use your awareness to turn what you are doing into fun.

If you have work colleagues then bring them in on the fun.

You are gifted with imagination so use it.

If you are a cleaner then challenge yourself to clean faster than everyone else. Video yourself, become a YouTube star - The Fastest Cleaner Ever Channel.

At 50 I am sick and tired of excuses.

"Oh but I feel depressed"

"Oh but I..."


Yes. That is it. Time to go play with yourself.

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