Mental Health: The Biggest Con Since Taxation

Mental Health: The Biggest Con Since Taxation

I am writing this to help anybody who struggles with their mental health.

First of all let me make a MAJOR correction to the above sentence.

I want to correct it because the overused words "Mental Health" have fu**ed up a generation of kids. Maybe several generations.

Although I believe the creation of forums, charities, organisations etc were originally created with good intentions. The "Mental Health" boat has now sailed to become a whole boating industry. Metaphorically speaking.

People - companies - are making billions from pretending to give a damn about mental health. In reality they care more about your wallet than your wellbeing.

By mentioning those two words (Mental Health) alongside many other overly used and overly hash tagged words like #anxiety or #depression - the young generation are actually making themselves sicker and sicker. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

Think about it. Those mental health linked phrases on social media spread like a virus thanks to hashtags.

So let me edit that first sentence to: I am writing this to help anybody who struggles with "bad thinking habits".

This is how to be mentally healthy:

STOP aligning yourself to thinking you are broken and or in some way "sick" just because you feel anxiety and or depression.

You are a human being.

You live your whole life entirely through your brain 🧠. Therefore the way you react and think about a situation you face is up to you to choose 🤯. Nobody else hiding behind mental health labels can ultimately cure you. The cure is simple. Stop thinking the wrong way.


Mental Health should be more about Thinking Health (Thinking Healthily).

That phrasing alone would save many of the young generation from latching onto the mental health terms as though they are a membership badge. A membership badge to a group of other incorrectly thinking individuals who can all wallow together in their bad thinking habits.

Okay look. I know I am being overly harsh here. I am being this way because I am SO FRUSTRATED that so many young people are going to waste away the best part of their lives because they have been taught the wrong way to think.
CASE STUDY: Does this pattern sound familiar? Imagine you are a 12 year old who is only just starting to comprehend the world from an older perspective. You have noticed that every time you are asked to speak out in class you feel anxious. You now dread going to class and have a fear of being asked to speak out loud. Your parent allows you to use the internet for a few hours and you begin by searching Google with the words: "Why do I feel fearful in class". You see the search results mentioning the words "Anxiety" "Social Phobia" and so you search some more. You quickly get taken down the "Mental Health" rabbit hole and read lots of people in mental health chats sharing that they feel the same. You read psychologists opinions repeating those words etc. Your parent comes in and logs you out of the computer. But it is too late. The elephant in the room (your mind) keeps seeing those words "mental health" "anxiety" "social phobia". You wake up even more anxious for school.... Fastforward another 6 years and you are leaving college and being asked to go into a workplace where you may be asked to present something. You feel sick at the thought of having to be put into that uncomfortable situation and so you search Google for help. You see that the government supports people with "mental health" issues. They will pay you an income to stay at home if you can prove you have difficulties....
Can you see how a generation of children have grown up to think incorrectly? Hopefully the latter example, which describes many real people, shows you how the mind can snowball something it comes into contact with. And that is the point. If that child was unable to come into uncontrolled contact with those words, then they would not be able to snowball them.

In the days before internet, anyone who was anxious about talking in class would have likely had a chat to their parent who would have explained that feeling anxious was common. They would have said they too had felt that way when asked to speak in class and the best way to deal with it was to simply face the fear head on.

You should never give fear any oxygen to grow into something it should not. Learn to accept that anxiety is normal. Life will put you into uncomfortable (anxious) situations and you just have to accept that's what they are. Essentially you will always make it through to the other side of your unhealthy fearful thinking. You must realise early on that you cannot live a life without any anxiety, unless you are a psychopath 🤡

I am literally someone who has been there and got the t-shirt 👕 with all of the mental health BS, and I've reached the 50 years mark to say - listen to me - I have that experience and know the solution. Think healthily!

I have to say even the medical profession have it wrong. They started with good intentions but it's ended up an automated process whereby the industry are too afraid to tell someone they're thinking unhealthily. Instead they quickly prescribe drugs and send someone off to a "Mental Health" course which will stop them being sued if that person's thinking habits get even more unhealthy. Instead of giving some real world common sense tough love to harden the patient's mind to stick 2 fingers up to unhealthy thinking, they instead soften their mind to give in to the entire mental health industry. I would honestly say that any time I went to a doctor about my anxiety it actually made me worse and the problem bigger. It stains your medical record with mental health words which should have remained private and treated as bad thinking only.

And yes, I do believe many young people genuinely "think" they are mentally ill - many are not lying about their fears - but the point is in the "thinking" - if they didn't even have social media to know about all of the mental health world many would have just put their fearful reaction to certain situations down to life just being tough. Which it is! Life is fu**ing hard!

I have had agoraphobia / anxiety my whole life - way before the internet took hold - it has been tough - life has been extremely sh*t more often than not - but I never gave in - I have worked in many jobs - faced my fears over and over again - and I found many ways around my bad thinking to get myself into the workplace.

I know (not believe - I know!!) that you can beat any mental health - oops - I mean - any "unhealthy thinking habits" by simply learning what I have shared here. If you don't know what I've shared then PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE read this post back over and over again until you do.

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Christian Jacques Bennett
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