Love what you hate & fear


Small background story

Once upon a time, when Twitter was young. I used to create and share life quotes on my profile. That's mostly what I tweeted about.

It was pretty successful. I had over 100k Twitter followers.

Then for some reason, I stopped.

But I still write down life quotes when I see and think of them. Simply because I love them. I find they help embed great thinking habits.

Just now one came to me and it made me feel so awakened I wanted to share it immediately for others to ponder.

This was the quote that just popped into my head:

Improve your life instantly by learning to love what you hate & fear

Isn't that a pretty life changing thought? And, yes, I know others have said similar but I found this quote just helps to reawaken the muscle in the brain that needs to truly act on it.

If you could apply it to all the things you hate and fear it would improve your life incredibly.

The quote came to me because I have already been practising this. In fact, I was thinking about what it is like living with my 94 year old dad when it came to me.

You see, caring for someone can be quite challenging. My dad has been with me now for over 2 years. I am an introvert, so sharing my home with another 24/7, someone who needs my attention 24/7, is indeed a challenge.

I am holding back at how much of a challenge it is at times, those who care for someone will know what I mean.

The point is, I am a believer of positive thinking. I believe your outlook on life is simple. You can either think positively or negatively about any situation you face.

I could make a long list of the negatives about my dad living with me. I could read through that list over and over each day. It would make me depressed and sad.

Why would I want to live and feel like that? Who wants to live like that? If you are living like that, then stop it now!

Start writing a list of all of the good points of a situation.

That is what I have done with my dad. I have learnt to love the things I hate (although hate is a strong word / annoy is probably more apt).

For example, I have misphonia, a condition which triggers immense irritation when I hear someone eating loudly. I have had this all of my life. Not sure where it came from. The challenge is, my dad, with his false teeth, well let's just say he loves his food and makes those around him aware he loves his food when he eats it.

At meal times this is so challenging for me. Yet I have learnt to put on music we love, I have turned that "hate" into an opportunity to enjoy eating a meal with my dad instead of hating it.

Picking out another random thing, I make my dad's bed every day too. I don't mind making beds, but sometimes when you are tired, well let's say you feel a little fed up.

I have learnt, though, to cancel out any negative thinking, and if I feel tired I instantly remind myself that I would rather be making my dad's bed than knowing he has passed away and I don't have to make his bed anymore. Just thinking that alone makes me feel happy to be making his bed.

I am saying all of this because maybe you have things that annoy you, things you hate or are fearful of.

Perhaps you have a phobia and it affects how you live your life?

Imagine instead of hating and fearing things, you felt love and happiness. Wouldn't such thinking improve your life incredibly?
Christian Jacques Bennett
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