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Hi, sorry for the radio silence. Life tends to sweep you away at times.

If I am being honest, I have been finding life pretty challenging lately.

Even though I have studied human nature, and "think" I have a good grasp on being the best me I can be, I still find some days harder than others.

This brings me on to a frustration I have with some Life Coaches. 

I find they are too perfect! 

What I mean by being "too perfect" is: Some coaches appear on their website sales page or YouTube video with huge smiles and try to convince you that they hold the secret to your everlasting happiness. I smell BS! 

Nobody is happy 100% of the time. In fact I am pretty sure it would drain you emotionally to be constantly happy, and after years of constant happiness you wouldn't remember what feeling sad was, and therefore would not actually know if you were feeling happy! (I digress - Psychology and philosophy hey!)

I think there is a dangerous message being put out by some coaches that they are living a perfect life. I believe the vulnerable are really at a disadvantage because they are desperate to escape their problems. 

The reality is, if you were to listen to the voice inside these "perfect" coaches' heads, you would hear the same thoughts that most people (if not everyone) get. Thoughts of doubt. Thoughts questioning your looks and your confidence.

What am I trying to say here? What is the benefit of you hearing me waffle on about my gripe with some life coaches?

I am trying to say to you, do not buy into the BS that if you buy a product or service you will be guaranteed to be just like the person in the advert.

I saw a female coach on Facebook yesterday, selling her diet plan. She was sharing photos of before and after. It was obvious she was pushing her stomach out before and sucking it in after. She was very convincing. The truth is she was coming across as too perfect mainly to gain an income created from selling her diet plan. 

I don't have a problem with anyone creating a product or service and selling it, that is great, I just have a problem with those who sell that product and or service by telling you the customer that everything will be solved in your life. I especially have a problem with those who are vulnerable and get sucked into paying for something and don't see the same results.

So please promise me that the next time you feel in a tough place emotionally, that you will not be sold on a product or service that is claiming to be 100% perfect.

Instead, you should be looking for those life coaches that are genuine, kind hearted and humble. You will know this because they will share real life examples of how, at times, their life is just as rubbish as yours.

And yes these good life coaches do exist, here is a quick list of those I have come across (and yes I realise some are not called Life Coaches but they should be!):

Take care today.

Extra video added: 28.4.22 I just came across this video on YouTube, see what you think, fascinating. A lot of Tony praise though in the comments.

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