I have always wanted to write lyrics so here is my first attempt

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I want to talk about dreams coming true. I want to let you know it is never too late to fulfill a dream.

What better way can I show this than to tell you I have always wanted to write lyrics for a country singer.

I listened to Ed Sheeren on the radio this morning, talking about the legal case he has just won. He says he now video records every moment he spends coming up with a song so that others cannot say he copied their music. Most importantly for me he mentioned the buzz he feels when he creates a new song. How good that feels. That is what I want to feel.

The question is, what is stopping me writing lyrics?

The answer is, nothing!

So here goes. Here is my first attempt at a country love song. 

If you want to write the score music for it and get it out onto the market then please get in touch.

Title: Window Pain


She stood at the window waiting for a sign.
I stood at the window wishing she was mine.

All of the years time kept passing us by.
All of the times years kept making us cry.

Then the moment came to wash those sorrows away.
Life gave us a second chance on one fateful day.

She appeared in my life without any warning.
She knocked on my door one dark early morning.

Our hearts both stopped as our eyes connected.
Our smiles replaced feelings of being rejected.

And after rekindling our love and healing with laughter.
It was time for us to live our happy ever after.

But I never could wash those early memories away.
Of the pain I first felt when she left me that day.

In time she grew distant and fell for another.
He did what I couldn't and made her a mother.

She tried to convince me the baby was mine.
I loved her so much I said things would be fine.

Soon I realised my love was still going one way.
When I felt déjà vu happening day after day. 

Assuming our positions as if time hadn't passed.
It had been so obvious this illusion wouldn't last.

She stood at the window waiting for a sign.
I stood at the window wishing she was mine.


Copyright: Christian Jacques Bennett 8 April 2022

I hope you liked it.

So who could I imagine singing this song? 

So many talented artists out there, my daughter first of course. 

How about Tim McGraw?

You take care today, you hear ;-)
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. Those are beautiful lyrics Christian. I weren't expecting them to be so good, no offence. I hope you manage to turn them into a song, I'd love to hear it. God bless x

  2. I don't know much about lyrics and how they should be set out but I liked the story of your song. Be good to hear them to music.

  3. There ain't no better than Tim. Those lyrics ain't bad though.

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