Will the new Dyson headphones be the final straw that stops humans talking to each other

Dyson Headphones Final Straw
I love new gadgets! I mean NEW gadgets!!

Gadgets that break new ground. I remember when Apple released the iPod - WOW - to have a small device that held so many songs (jaw dropping moment).

Dyson has just released the Dyson Zone™. A set of noise cancelling, high fidelity over-ear headphones which simultaneously deliver immersive sound to the ears, and purified airflow to the nose and mouth.

What is their actual purpose in simple jargon?

They are designed not to stop viruses like COVID (not yet - although you could argue they may help keep the air clean around your airways). No, they are designed for the urban issues of air quality and noise pollution.

Every part of them bursts with the stereotypical Dyson design features. From the painted finish to the vacuum looking filter. This is all a good thing. Dyson have found an niche in the market and I believe the brand has the potential to rival Apple in the future.

The Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones will be available online and in-store at Dyson Demo Stores and Dyson.com from Autumn 2022. Timings will vary by geography. Full product specification and further details on availability will be announced in the coming months.

There is no doubt that the headphones will sell. Clean air and low noise is hot on everyone's agenda. 

Is there a darker side to all this?

Will the new Dyson headphones be the final straw that stops humans talking to each other?

It may sound a little over the top to state the latter, but is it? Seriously, coming up we have a metaverse world where everyone is going to dive into a screen that is positioned right in front of the eyes. 

People will spend hour after hour in the metaverse. Going about many daily tasks virtually. 

Now Dyson has added to this insular trend by invented headphones that cancel out the real world noise around you and in addition, they will provide you with a separate airflow to that of the natural world around you.

Will this invention stop everyone from communicating in the real world? Will people's social skills start to disappear?


Look, I am a positive thinker so I want to think positively on this. I think both the metaverse and Dyson's new headphones are offered to you by choice. If you were being told you must use them or else face prison then that would be a different thing.

You don't have to buy and use the headphones. You can still talk to people. You remain free to go outside. In fact, I think they will be a talking point. I think they will offer people some much needed peace of mind (mindfulness meditation moments). There is a strong market too for those who live close to noisy neighbours. 

So I am going to stand on the side of excitement and positivity. I think these headsets are a great invention. Time will tell if they are practical. Maybe eventually the metaverse will also be accessed from one piece of headgear that also filter the air you breathe. Until that time, let's fill our minds with happy thoughts and look forward to the future tech that is going to improve our lives.

Take care today.

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Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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