What the media are not telling you about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and what should happen next

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The above video finally shows the full footage of what happened on the fateful Oscar Winning night Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

What the media are not telling you about the slap is that they are making lots of money from talking about this story. They are far from perfect!

What the media are not telling you about the slap is that they are helping ramp up the awareness of the Oscar ceremony so next year people will want to watch it to see what happens next.

What the media are not telling you about the slap is that they have no idea what was going through Will's mind before, during, and after, the event. Nobody knows - probably even Will!

To work out why the slap occurred, we can start to psychologically examine how "Will"ard Smith was born in Philadelphia on September 25, in 1968. We could look at how he was brought up strictly but fairly. Possibly Freud could find something that has led Will to lash out at times, but in fairness Freud could find something to talk about in anybody's childhood!

We can also ask close friends, like DJ Jazzy Jeff, if Will has ever shown similar actions that denote he is a violent man and if yes then maybe a more severe reprimand is needed; but how can he or anyone else really know the inner workings of their friend's mind at any one moment.

The internet has made us all judges and juries. We can and often do use social media posts to share our verdicts.

I don't want to make a verdict. I like Will and I like Chris.

What I do not like is violence and I think nobody should ever have the right to hit anyone - and yes even a comedian. There are so many ways to show your objection. Stand up and walk out. Make a joke back. At maximum frustration maybe safely poor a glass of water over the other person's head. However, you should NEVER EVER hit somebody as a reaction.

I find the whole situation quite disturbing because I like Will so much. I have found myself searching the internet trying to come to terms with his behaviour and surprisingly I found these interesting videos:

I will leave you to make up your own mind on these and whether they are relevant or not...

What I will say is, the most important part of this emotional mistake is what happens next.

With fame comes tremendous influence and people are watching. Fans will be swayed by the reactions of both Chris and Will.

I am a strong believer in taking bad things and making them fuel for a positive outcome.

This slapping fiasco is a chance for both Will and Chris to show the world that violence is never a good thing. Compassion and understanding are qualities that help calm situations and make things better.

In a world where we have world leaders escalating military tensions which could have serious life changing consequences for everyone, this Oscar slap could be an opportunity to teach others there is another way to react to violence.

So far the post slap vibes are heading in the right direction. Will has apologised:

Chris has rightly taken time to think about things and in my eyes has come out of this with exceptional professional calmness (and respect). I would like to see him maintain this and keep the door of friendship and peace open.

What better result from all of this would there be than the two of them becoming lifelong friends who use their celebrity status to show others peace and love rule.

What do you think? [Note, I have added another post 1 year on, please CLICK HERE to read it]

Take care today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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