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Shorter version:

Behave like you are teaching - by doing this you help to be aware of your actions and ideally will take the best ones to get the best results.

Longer Version:

This is a really simple technique that will change your life for the better.

Human nature is bizarre. For some reason when we carry out tasks, especially ones we do a lot, we can get a bit lazy and cut corners. Yet, if we are teaching someone to do those same tasks we cover all angles and deliver a great end result.

Do you remember driving lessons? Your driving instructor taught you to check your mirrors, perform safety checks before manoeuvring, and various other things to make sure you drove perfectly and safely. To you they looked like masters of their craft. Compared to you; you passed your test, jumped into your car and a few weeks later you are slamming the brakes on and screaming at an old person who just caused you to slow down, you hardly check your mirrors and you certainly do not check your tyre pressures every week. Meanwhile your instructor is still driving perfectly.

Okay, driving may not be the best example. Basically, I am talking about anything you do, from cooking to cleaning, to how you carry out your daily tasks at work.

If you behave like you are teaching someone else how to do what you are doing, you start to see that your performance - and appreciation of what you are doing - goes up. People will start to notice, promotions may appear. 

By acting like you are teaching you will bring to the surface some good habits.

So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to cook your next meal as if you are teaching someone. Get those ingredients laid out, chop those vegetables perfectly, and make that sauce is so mouth watering that all the supermarket chains will want to buy it from you. 

Enjoy teaching! Take care today.

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