I just gave this reply to someone about agoraphobia and it will help cure you too

First of all, I must do a shout out for this website www.stuffthatworks.health as it is doing a great service for mental health. The above video explains what they do.

I joined their website yesterday and have volunteered myself to help others facing issues with their mental health, like anxiety and all the phobias that come along with that, agoraphobia, panic attacks, claustrophobia etc.

They just sent me a question from someone who suffers, like me, with agoraphobia.

I was only going to tick a box that "Yes" this has happened to me and add a small comment. Then something took me over and I found myself getting all passionate about Gremlins. Yes you read that correct, I said Gremlins, read on to find out what I said. 

Note, what I said is a bit random and raw, but I wanted to post my answer here too because I think it will really help you if you are suffering with mental health issues, especially agoraphobia.

Lily1566 asked: Does anyone else get super nauseous from their anxiety? I had horrible anxiety out of no where for no reason today and felt sick and on edge for the rest of the day. This happens when I get really bad anxiety and I’m on the verge of having an anxiety attack. I end up having anxiety for the rest of the day and don’t feel good.

Totally. The Agoraphobia-Gremlins (as I call them) which keep the irrational fear thoughts alive in your mind, tend to send their anxiety signals down to your nerves in your stomach (remember the brain and stomach are connected) and so feeling sick is perfectly normal when your gremlins are running your mind ragged with stress and worry. 

For me, those gremlins (yeah I know this whole gremlin thing sounds weird) also have tried to embed their hold on me further, over the years, by making me have emetophobia (a fear of being sick). 

What is the cure? 

You have to solidify the irrational fear in your head as anything that makes sense to you, like "Gremlins" or "Irrational Fear Monsters"... whatever... define them into something which you can maintain your awareness of, so whenever you feel their voice rising in your head, you can immediately weaken their power by confidently telling them to be quiet. Yes that sounds really crazy right? But it works. 

The moment you realise that your irrational fears (basically fears that most people can face without harm but you cannot) are just that, irrational, then you start to find you win the battle over them and their voices quieten down to give you some peace. 

The only way to defeat agoraphobia is to face it head on. 

Nobody wants to ever hear that because it is much easier to withdraw into your comfort zone and listen to those Gremlins who will tell you anything to stay in your comfort zone and keep them alive. 

Take this one step at a time. 

The first step is to tell your gremlins to take a hike whenever you feel sick. 

If you feel sick then try staying with the feeling, exaggerate the feeling, even better if you actually do throw up one day and realise that being sick is just "being sick" - in fact - the irony is, usually after you throw you actually feel awesome and relieved. 

Plus, I see my dog throw up weekly, she tries to eat it back up! LOL! In other words she doesn't sit their worrying for days. She was sick, who cares, move on (don't get me wrong I do care and empathise). 

If, like me, you are also conscious if you are outside and you worry what others will think about you throwing up, don't worry at all because people carry on with their lives even if you throw up on their lap - the point is - you need to carry on with your life. 

Act like my dog and just live life without care. 

I realise this was a long and probably may seem a bit OVER THE TOP reply but I am determined to help people cure themselves and quickly. 

Take care today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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