I feel like I messed this post up

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I feel like I messed THIS POST up.

To keep a record of ideas I have for blog posts, I use Google Keep.

Sometimes, after I have written something, I look back on my notes. I did that today and realised I don't think I conveyed exactly what I meant to convey to you.

So here is the exact wording I used when I noted down my blog post idea:

"Do things that you wouldn't mind returning to if you died and had to do them again. Fill your days with these things or at least weekends."

I believe that one quote says in a few words what my other post was trying to say, although some useful advice can still be found in it, it kind of leant towards a different angle of what I was trying to say to you.

Ultimately, if you use that quote as a guide how to live your life, over time you will fill your life with meaningful happy times which will make you feel content.

Take care today.

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  1. I like both posts so you're alright ;)

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