This one OBVIOUS thing will increase and retain your Twitter followers

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I have this simple mantra that I apply in most situations.

Do the obvious!

What do I mean by that?

Doing the obvious is about doing the obvious!

It is about not overthinking and taking action on what your gut instinct tells you is the right thing to do.

So let's get straight to it. What are the obvious things you can do to grow your Twitter followers?

Don't overthink it!

1. Tweet - If you don't tweet anything, what reason is there for someone to follow you? Tweet things that add value to others, so they want to engage with it.

2. Follow Back - If someone has followed you, it makes sense to follow them back, right? Remember good vibes generate stronger responses in people. If someone follows you and sees you follow them back, it makes them feel seen and appreciated.

3. Avatar - Make sure you put an avatar of your face, show people who you are. Or at least have an avatar that makes sense to what your brand is and what you are tweeting.

4. Header Image - As above, make sure you have a good header image, one that reflects the theme of you and or your brand. Ask yourself, if someone sees it what would they feel or think about you? Does the image send the same vibes you are wanting to generate from your account?

5. Use Lists - Create good lists. Add people to them. Share their value in a tweet so others can see. For example, you could add lists of Twitter users who can help others with finance issues; other Twitter users would love to see a list of all the best financial advisers listed. A list of people they themselves can follow and get some value from.

6. Ask Questions - Sounds silly doesn't it but asking a question direct to a Twitter user is a great way to get some engagement with your tweets. Try and ask questions about their Twitter account brand and or vibe. If they are a marketer then ask what their favourite marketing technique is on Twitter. Follow their answer with another question to dive in deeper. I am pretty sure many other Twitter users will want to read their reply which only adds to your tweet's impact.

And finally, the one OBVIOUS thing that nobody does is this...

When someone follows you - especially at the beginning when you are supposed to make a great first impression - remember to HEART & RETWEET lots of their tweets. 

Think about it... 

Why would someone stop following you and not want to engage with your tweets, if you like and retweet their tweets? Isn't that the type of behaviour you love to see too?

I hope you get what I am saying. Trust me, these simple tips will help you increase and retain your Twitter followers.

Take care today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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