The Way of Everything

It's been a busy year! 

It's been a challenging year!

It's been 5 months since I wrote a blog post here.


That is a good question. 

There has been so much to share.

I suppose I am a private person ultimately and in this internet world of sharing everything, I like to take a step back at times. 

Let's catch you up with the news.

My dad is still fighting fit. In fact he is cooking his French soup as I type. 

We have stayed together in a 2 bedroom apartment for over 12 months now. 

I am not going to lie, it has its challenges! 

But it also holds so many priceless memories of a life shared. 

In every challenging situation there are always positive points to draw from.

Most people I talk to cannot believe that I could stay so long with a parent living so close. What they don't understand is sometimes life takes you off in a direction you cannot control. In such cases you have to learn to go with the flow.


For me it has been all about the discovery of the wisdom the two thousand plus year old Tao Te Ching book.

It has been so transformative to my life that I had to read almost every version I could get my hands on and write my own version. 

And here it is:

What I love about the Tao Te Ching's wisdom is that it is split into 81 brief chapters.

The wisdom it provides will help you apply it to whatever life throws at you.

It's simply timeless and no matter how the human life changes it still brings you back to the most important points. 

What you have is already enough. 

Be content in the now. 

Do not look outward for things you already have inside. 

Smile and feel good knowing you are already where you are supposed to be.

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