Your mind is your biggest obstacle to success

Have you ever wondered why some people can achieve something when others cannot? Have you ever wondered why some people can achieve things faster when others are slower? No? Okay this post is not for you then. Cheeky! 

Let's try something out, ready?


Take a look at the header photo to this post. The photo of the steps.

For the sake of the following analogy note these steps are supposed to reflect a goal of yours and getting to the other end represents achieving that goal.

So imagine, now, in real life, you are at the start of these steps (i.e. you have just thought of a goal you want to achieve) and I tell you, to achieve this goal you must run as fast as you can to the other end. How does your mind respond?  

Most people will have thoughts such as:

- That is a lot of steps to climb

- What if I have a heart attack overexerting myself

- What if I injure myself

- I would rather stay where I am

People will have different speeds as to how they react to this challenge. 

Some will run immediately without thinking. Others will wait and think about it. Some will not move at all.

One thing is for sure. It is those people who immediately get on and do it and think positively about it who get to the other end of the steps first. My golden rule is do not overthink.

Obviously risk management is important, as is some planning but ultimately just start running! 

We are living in a modern world where due to the power and free availability of information, we think too much. We have lost the ability to let our instincts go on autopilot. With large amounts of thinking our minds can easily build a wall of reasons not to do something.

So, if you want to be amongst the first to achieve something, or simply, you want to just achieve it, then learn to just start it! Take the first step immediately and be positive.

Please take a look at the photo again. Be honest, did you first assume the steps are going upwards? What if I said actually it is an optical illusion and those steps are actually going downwards! Do you feel a positive shift in your attitude to running forward? That downhill feeling suddenly feels better than climbing uphill, right?

This is exactly what positive thinking and having the right mindset does to help you succeed in life.

I hope this post has helped remind you, rebuild that mental muscle, or spark something in you to just get on with your goals and gain that successful feeling for achieving them. 

There never has been a better time in life than right now, to start your run to achieving your goals.

Best of luck! 

Christian (Cn) Jacques Bennett

Image by jarekgrafik from Pixabay

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