Face your fears to reduce your anxiety and live a great life

Face your fears to reduce your anxiety and live a great life

Guillaume Néry is a perfect example of someone who has found a way to find peace.

Guillaume Néry is no ordinary deep-diver. He is extraordinary. Able to take one breath, he can dive 125 metres below the water's surface. He holds multiple world records and is a double reigning world champion. Guillaume has turned his passion into an art form which has become his way of life.

I wanted to share his video "One Breath Around the World" with you because it provides a valuable lesson for anxiety sufferers. It shows what incredible things can happen if you step outside of your comfort zone. 

People with anxieties tend to let the fearful thought of what may happen to them if they do something keep them from doing it. This habitual reaction reinforces their fears. They get stuck in a fear loop!

What Guillaume is demonstrating is, face your anxieties head-on. Doing this opens the world up to you. Ask yourself, how can you reach anything worthwhile if you stay on the fearful side of your thoughts?

So next time you face an irrational fear, ignore the fearful thoughts you are having. Do that interview and get that job! Go on that date and meet the love of your life! Do that exam and open up your career opportunities.

Life is for living. Fear is cancer, so treat it as such. Never give it a chance to spread. Kill it with action and face your fears.

What fears have you faced today?


Christian Jacques Bennett

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