What is the best way to overcome irrational fear

Fear is the biggest thing you will ever have to overcome if you want to live a great life.

I have battled with fear for many years through my phobias. I stand here today triumphant that I have beaten it back from defeating me.

This poem shares with you the key things you need to do to overcome any irrational fear. Enjoy...

When fear grips your heart so tight,
And your mind fills with dread so bright,

Remember that fear is a liar,
A trickster that sets your mind on fire.

It tells you that you're not enough,
That you'll fail, and will always feel rough.

But it's all lies that fear doth sow,
You're much stronger than fear lets you know.

You can overcome your fear,
Just take it one step at a time, my dear.

First, face your fear head-on,
Don't run or hide, don't let it carry-on.

Look it in its eyes and say,
"I'm not afraid of you today!"

It may be hard at first,
But the more you do, the easier it'll burst…

Your negative thoughts, don't let them stay,
Challenge them, ask if they're true today.

Most often you'll find that they are not,
Your fears are just thoughts, you're not a bot.

Finally, find ways to calm and chill,
When you're stressed, let your mind be still.

Deep breathing, yoga, meditation,
Find what works best for your situation.

Overcoming irrational fear is a journey,
But it's one you can win, especially if faced early.

Just keep taking one step at a time,
And don't give up, you'll soon feel fine.
Hope you liked that poem?

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