Did you know that you have the power to SLOW time


We often hear about mindfulness.

We often read explanations on how to do it.

But do you honestly ever apply them to your daily life?

You do? Wow. Well my job here is done then. Thanks for coming.

LOL 😂.

Okay. For the rest of you. I want to share with you a very simple technique.

It is so simple even I can do it. And I do it every day now.

First: Why would you want to do it?

We have all experienced the stress of life and the conveyor belt thought system that constantly moves random thoughts through our minds.

Side note: If you haven't yet gained an awareness that you are not your thoughts, you are in fact a witness to them and more importantly the decision maker who is in control through the power of choosing. Then please watch Eckhart Tolle's explanation and or please read this path. For now, let's get back to the reason you will want to use this technique.

For me, it all started when I was walking my dog and noticed that I didn't even remember the last mile or so.

All I could remember were the thoughts that were buzzing around my head like a crazed swarm of hornets dampening out any external beauty from the actual walk.

It was then that I realised I needed to learn to use the ancient power of slowing down time.

Yes. It exists.

All you have to do is first stop everything you are doing (obviously ensuring that you are in a safe place).

Let me give you my real life example:

I literally stopped walking.

My thoughts still tried to leak through like a cracked dam but I knew that they would naturally be stopped by the following actions.

As well as stopping and standing still. I used all of my senses to invoke the power of slowing down time. At the top of this page I have shared part of the view I was looking at.

I stood and (with my eyes) I looked around. I mean really looked around.

I listened to everything I could hear. As I looked around I would verbally state what it was that I could hear and why I loved hearing those sounds.

I smelled everything I could smell. As I looked around I physically went up to flowers and smelled them. Verbally, out loud, describing what I could smell and what I loved about those smells.

I touched everything that jumped out to my senses. As I touched things I verbally, out loud, stated what I loved about the sensation of touching them.

I tasted the air. As I was not eating anything I simply tasted the air as it blew on my face and out loud said what I liked about the taste.

The entire experience was magical. Everything slowed down and I didn't even think about the thoughts that had been running around my mind before.

Let me summarise:

You can do this technique anywhere.

For example, if you are at breakfast, take a good look at what you are eating and your surroundings, describe what you see out loud and what you like about it. Do this for all of your senses. What do you hear? What do you smell? What do things feel like to touch? What do things taste like? What do you love about those things?

I think you get the idea. If not, please drop a comment below.

Do not overthink this.

This is not some really "far out there" type technique which is impossible to remember. It is literally about you stopping what you are doing and using all of your senses to ground yourself in the moment. And yes. To slow down time.

Oh, there is one important rule. When you are soaking up your surroundings you must not include any internet connected device in your appraisal. The reasons are hopefully obvious. All it takes is one message and your mind is off again. So it is a fantastic idea to switch any device off completely when doing this technique.

Most importantly. Doing this technique daily is all about getting you to appreciate everything around you (things you may not have noticed or have gotten used to). By forcing yourself to describe what you like about things it really leaves you with a sense of feeling better all day long. And it also gives your racing mind a break from regurgitating one thought after another.

If you don't believe me, then there is only one way for you to find out... Go on! Give this technique try right now. You know you want to.

Christian Jacques Bennett
Please comment below on what you think about this path...

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