Counting magpies leads to a positive outcome


A bit of history first...

It is said that the first magpie rhyme appeared to be mentioned by John Brand, a Church of England clergyman, around the year 1784.

The rhyme was first printed in 1820 in James Orchard Halliwell’s collection of nursery rhymes.

There are many alternative versus that have been created over the years. One verse counts up to 20!

🐦 1 for sorrow

🐦 2 for joy

🐦 3 for a girl

🐦 4 for a boy

🐦 5 for silver

🐦 6 for gold

🐦 7 fo secret never to be told [Note: This is the point where many people stop counting]

🐦 8 for a wish

🐦 9 for a kiss

🐦 10 for a bird you must not miss

🐦 11 for health

🐦 12 for wealth

🐦 13 beware, It’s the devil himself!

🐦 14 make your choice

🐦 15 take your pick

🐦 16 the sweetest

🐦 17 your heart’s wish

🐦 18 for a letter

🐦 19 for better

🐦 20 the future, It’s now or never!

Folklore sayings are hearty and fill you with a feeling of history.

I love history.

But sometimes things have to change.

Let's do things differently...

For years I have been counting magpies up to 7 (as described above). However, something always bugged me.

The very first line states the word "Sorrow" and creates an eery edge to this otherwise jolly poem.

I quickly realised that it didn't have to be this way. I realised that the mental counting of magpies each day was actually having an impact on how I thought and felt throughout the rest of the day.

If I saw 1 magpie (1 for sorrow) I would feel anxious that some bad news would be heading my way.

The negative feelings lingered even more because I didn't know the rules!? What were the rules? Internet searches led me down paths with no answers. It was and is time to change this.

The new way to count magpies and the new rule book starts here...


First of all here is the new rhyme to use when you count magpies:

🐦 1 for love: Love = Anything to do with love, things will point to either romantic love or sibling love, friendship, compassion etc

🐦 2 for joy: Joy = Anything to do with joy, things will point to joyous feelings

🐦 3 for a girl: Girl = This really relates to females or femininity, things will point to a female or a feminine influence in your life

🐦 4 for a boy: Boy = This really relates to males or masculinity, things will point to a male or masculine influence in your life

🐦 5 for good news: Good News = You will receive some good news

🐦 6 for good health: Good Health = This relates to something relating to feeling healthy or which will lead you to better health

🐦 7 for luck and material wealth: Luck & Material Wealth = You will be lucky and or receive or do something makes you feel more wealthy

As you can see outlined above, each magpie count leads you to a prediction / prophecy.

It is important to note that this change in the rhyme is designed to lead you to a positive outcome which makes you feel better.

Words are very powerful. Saying the right words helps promote the right actions and feelings in your daily life.

Knowing each count has a positive edge will lead you to be on the look out for positive things that relate to what your final magpie count and prediction is pointing out to you.

To conclude counting, you just need to count up to a maximum of 7 to create a prediction. If you see more than 7 magpies then you just restart counting from number 1. For example, if you see 8 magpies on a wall, that would equate to 1 for love (yes, you do ignore the first 7!). If you saw 9 magpies that would be 2 for joy, 10 magpies would be 3 for a girl... and I think you get the picture. The below rules apply to how and where you can count a magpie group.


Now we know how to count we need to also know the rules and how the end count affects us.

You can begin counting the magpies you see when you are in one location. You can count a magpie that is flying but be careful not to count it twice. You can count a magpie who has either been counted and flies off, or one that you first see flying up from the location you are looking at. You can also count one that flies and lands (obviously do not count the same one twice, for example, if you count one and it flies up to a tree and back down again).

Counting hidden magpies is a scenario you may face. The rule is if you first count 2 magpies but then 2 more fly up from some tall grass by them, you would add those to the count. So you'd count a total of 4 magpies. In theory though, the 1 minute rule should help group the total you see.

Here is a scenario:

👣 You are walking through a woodland - or a field - or a park - and you see a magpie sitting on a bench, that is 1 for love. If a second magpie were to fly next to the first. That would count as 2 for joy! To be very clear, at this stage you have moved on from the 1 for love and are now focused on 2 for joy only. If three magpies flew up to the first, at the same location, and within a minute of you seeing the first magpie, then that would now count as, 4 for a boy. You see how the counting works?

👣 Keeping with the above scenario. After you have counted 4 for a boy (meaning you just saw 4 magpies in the same location and within 1 minute of each other), if you then walk to another area of the woodland - field - or park - and you saw another group of 5 magpies sitting together (5 for good news), at this point, because it is a different location and time, you would count them as a separate group. Meaning you would have two separate groups which combine (more info below) to form your positive prediction.

Let's recap the above:

At this point in your walk you have now seen two separate groups. You have your first group count which equates to 4 for a boy and you have your second group count which equates to 5 for good news. This is where more magic happens. Having counted more than one group allows you to combine them into a more detailed future prediction of what is going to happen to you from the moment you do not see any more magpies, until the whole of the following day (see rules on prediction timing below*).

Once you have more than one group you should combine the counting outcomes as follows:

🧮 4 for a boy + 5 for good news = You will receive some good news about a male in the next 24 hours.

Here are some more variations:

I am hoping these make enough sense for you to work out your own combined predictions. Remember, only you will know what is really going on in your life and what the predictions may best relate to.

🧮 7 for luck and material wealth (remember in this scenario you have counted a group of 7 birds first before seeing the next group) + 3 for a girl + 4 for a boy = You will receive some luck and or material wealth with some kind of male and female influence involved, in the next 24 hours.

🧮 6 for good health + 7 for luck and material wealth + 2 for joy + 6 for good health = The combined nature of these groups, in my opinion, would imply a very good outcome in the next 24 hours which specifically relates to feeling healthy, this is because health was counted twice in two separate locations, the other predictions would likely revolve around health. Let me repeat - just in case you did not understand the latter - there were x2 of the same group numbers "6 for good health" this is simply because you would have seen two of the same number in two separate locations. It is possible that you may see several groups of the same number all day long: in such a case this means that the prediction is even more likely to do with what the number spells out, so if you have seen 10 groups of 1 bird (1 for love) then it just means that LOVE is REALLY VERY LIKELY going to be coming your way soon or is on your mind A LOT! And if you were to see only groups of 1 magpie all month long then that is a MASSIVE sign that LOVE is coming your way!

🚗 Travelling: If you are driving along a road, or sitting on a train staring out of the window, and therefore, compared to walking, you are moving past one location after another very quickly, don't worry! It is the same counting rules process just speeded up. So if you approach a city and see 3 magpies sitting on a wall as you rush past, that counts as one whole group (aka 3 for a girl). If you do not additionally see any other magpies joining or surrounding (maybe one in a tree by the wall) the 3 magpies on the wall then you need to start counting again when you are in a new location. It could be that after seeing the 3 magpies on the wall, thirty seconds later you are rushing past a road sign that has 1 magpie sitting on it. That 1 magpie forms another group you have spotted within your journey. So if the journey ended at the road sign you would have two groups, 3 for a girl and 1 for love.


This is a guide only because sometimes life has a way of adjusting timescales for when predictions need to come into your life. Trust me, you will know when a prediction becomes a reality; I believe our 6th sense (gut instinct) and or subconsious intuition recognises when.

The general rule is that from the moment in the same day (i.e a Monday or any other day of the week you are currently in) you stop seeing magpies and counting them, that is the moment the clock starts ticking for your prediction to begin.

The prediction should come into effect within 24 hours. So if you count five groups of magpies throughout the whole of Monday, from morning to evening, then your prophecy will not start happening until the last count you did in the evening of that day and (because you are likely to be sleeping) it is much more likely the prediction will happen to you the next day.

A prediction should not carry on after the 24 hour window / period, mainly because you are likely to start counting afresh the next day again.

However, it is worth noting that if you do not see / count any magpies for a week - or even a month - then your prophecy may still take place within that entire duration (up until you see and count another group of magpies).

To confirm. The moment you count a new group of magpies it is accepted that on that same day, yesterday's prediction can still happen to you up until the end of the day.

This means that, yes, you can have the following happen to you, as an example:

🧮 Monday you have counted 1 magpie (1 for love). This love prediction and influence in your life will therefore last into Tuesday. However, on Tuesday you count 3 magpies (3 for a girl). This means that the Monday "love" prediction can in effect also relate to the Tuesday "girl" prediction for the whole of Tuesday. On Wednesday it is usually accepted that only Tuesday's prediction will not carry over, and so if on Wednesday you saw 5 magpies (5 for good news) it would mean that you are only able to include Tuesday's "girl" prediction alongside Wednesday's "good news" prediction ... and so on ...


Well done for sticking this one out. I had to be detailed about all of the information because I didn't want any blurred lines with regards to the predictions and how long they last.

Ultimately, this is VERY EASY to do. Once you have learned the rules and know the count off by heart, it takes seconds for you to know what your future holds for you.

Most importantly you will always have something positive to look forward to when you see a magpie.

As usual, you have been awesome. I hope you are okay? Take care of yourself today. I look forward to connecting with you in another path, please bookmark this blog so you can find it again easily.

Christian Jacques Bennett
Please comment below on what you think about this path...

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