The power of being fed up with the way things are


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It's okay to let frustration out. In fact. You HAVE to let it out! Or else it will infect your soul and rot your life. And I mean your inner life. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your emotions.

The biggest mistake people make is to keep frustration in. To elaborate. I mean that people do not share how they are feeling. They also do not do any exercise to get that stress out. Or any other activity that would help. Instead they let it fester. Or worse, they do speak about it, but they speak to likeminded people who simply throw fuel on the fire of negativity until everyone is boiling over with anger.

Let's take stock:

Right now, the world feels like it has reached a stage where all of its inadequacies are highlighted everywhere you look and listen.

The news is full of negative stories. The banks are in trouble. The whole financial system is in trouble! Politicians have lied and cheated (you could say nothing new). World powers are changing fast and fighting it all out publicly. The cost of everything is rising. The price of wages not so much.

Thanks to the omnipresent social media, disputes are now magnified and discussed openly with people taking sides. There seems to be no grey areas. You are either for or against something.

Everyone is fed up BUT that is a hopeful situation for the world:

Yes. Seriously. Being fed up is actually a good thing. It is simply a case of needing to tweak your perspective.

Think about it. If it feels like "everyone" is fed up, that also means that everyone is ready for change. Everyone is ready to move on to something better. Something which does not make them feel like they do now about everything going on.

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Let me give you a real life example:

I took my dog for a walk today around my local neighbourhood. I have been wanting move for a while. I have lived here most of my life. I know almost every brick of every house in the area (okay I am exaggerating!).

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will know my dad came to live with me a couple of years ago. It is a long story. Basically I am now his carer. Together we discuss the news and the varying perspectives we both wake up to each day. As much as I am a positive thinker, my dad can influence our discussions, and before I know it, can find myself joining in with moaning about the downsides of the local area.

Quick background story: My dad came from France, from a beautiful country house with several large meadows which he had to mow with a sit-on mower. We both now live in a small 2 bedroom flat in the UK. For my dad, this situation has naturally highlighted the differences between living in rural France versus a busy town where cars line the streets all day long. Sometimes his own negative thoughts slowly infect mine. And in fairness, his positive thoughts do the same.

So, going back to my dog walk today... The sun was shining. It was one of those British Spring days which cannot be beaten. Everything was vibrating with radiance as the sun caressed every nook and cranny I gazed upon.

I walked by old houses I have lived. And as I did so, my mind held a conversation inside my head. At first the voice of my dad came through loud and clear:

😡 "Look at the pavement, it is all broken. Can't the council fix it!"

😡 "Look at these houses, they are so close together! Not like France or the USA where they have space around them!"

😡 "And the parking. What a joke! There is no parking! All these cars lining every single road..."

Thankfully. Being a self improvement enthusiast. I have carefully set what I call "Negative Thinking" alarm bells.

As soon as I heard all these negative thoughts the alarms bells rang and I stopped. I rethought. My objective is always to feel positive. To see hope. To turn a negative situation around.

So I relooked at things, and as I walked on I changed the narrative in my head to a positive one:

😃 "Look at the pavement. It has character. It makes this road look so British, in a good way, in a cozy way only England can create."

😃 "Look at these houses. They hold many good memories for me growing up and living here. I am so lucky to still be able to enjoy walking past them and remembering the good times."

😃 "And the parking. Who cares. Right now I am not driving a car. It does not affect me. Look at how the cars reflect the sun and brighten everything around."

This is the power of being fed up. It acts as a turning point to look for something better. To feel better. My walk ended up making me feel VERY happy to be living in my neigbourhood. Instead of feeling depressed that I cannot move away. I feel blessed to be living here. A massive positive change in thinking and feeling just by changing the narrative.

Back to the world being fed up:

What I was trying to get to earlier in this path, when I mentioned EVERYONE is fed up, is that the word "EVERYONE" means the majority are feeling the same. This is GOOD NEWS! We are ALL ready for change! Positive change. Nobody wants war. Nobody wants to fight. So let's carry on doing what we do best. Being hopeful. Battling against our evil overlords who want to dominate and control our lives. We - THE PEOPLE - know we want peace. We want happiness. We want to be left to live our lives as we see fit. So keep being you. Aim for good and the future is going to be flipping awesome 🥳.

Christian Jacques Bennett
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