My brother in law Cris Zalles is dropping his new single and album in May 2023

So proud right now...

Besides being my brother in law, Criz Zalles is a successful Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Producer - Coach.

You can follow him on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I could write how his music has inspired and helped grow the fame of many famous hispanic artists, but I suppose I just did that!

No, in this path:

❤️🥳👍 I want to share how much of a good family man and incrediblly talented musician he is... I suppose I just did that!

❤️🥳👍 I want to share how passionate he is about music... I suppose I just did that!

❤️🥳👍 I want to share how proud I am to be his brother in law and how proud I am to be sharing with you that he has just released his new single (video above and Spotify here)... I suppose I just did that too!

When you feel proud let others know - share the happiness:

The thing I like about pride is it is about another person. It is not about you. What a fantastic way to feel and think.

We are living in times where lots of doom and gloom can fill our heads and our hearts.

What I love about Cris' music is it washes away all of that and leaves you with a sense of happiness. Every time I listen to his music I smile 😊. I am so proud ❤️🥳👍.

Is there anyone in your life you are proud of? Let me know in the comments.

FYI: Cris Zalles release dates:

🎵 Friday 19 May 2023 - New Single - Con Tu Nombre / En todas las tiendas digitales de música

🎵 Friday 26 May 2023 - New Album - Escenas Pendientes / En todas las tiendas digitales de música

Christian Jacques Bennett
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Photo Credits To Cris Zalles


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