This video will make you cry in a good way

Video Make You Cry
If you read my post about starting a new life you'll already know about Jonna. You will also know about Paola Merrill (AKA the Cottage Fairy) and Kalle Flodin who appear in the video. They are both magnificent people.

But before I say anything else, please read the message below, watch the video, then read my following commentary to see if you agree with me.

If I could only leave one video behind me after my time on this earth, I would choose this one. Because I believe that every human on this earth can at least find one message in this video that goes right through their barriers and reaches the soul. This video contains everything that I've ever wished to share and give through my videos/music/art. It opens our hearts and give us space to heal. Because it makes us understand that we are not alone in this world. We are not as different from each other that we might think. Together we have the power to create a more loving, peaceful world through compassion and understanding. And watching this video at least make me feel like a wave of hope and light. I've cried rivers while editing this video. Just working on this video has been like a healing journey for me. I feel so deeply grateful in a way that I could never express in words. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU everyone who contributed to creating this video. It's been an impossible mission to go through every single video, and I wish I could fit all of your videos in here. But please know, that I am so grateful for every single message. And I will continue to share your videos in the end of my future vlogs. So even if your video could not fit into this video, it might be shared later on :) To all of you who are here watching this video, THANK YOU! I hope it can bring you inspiration, hope, strength and positive energy for this new year ahead of us ♥

Jonna Jinton

How are you feeling after that? (Remember you can reply in the comments below)

It is powerful isn't it?

What do I think about it?

First and foremost I want to say that I believe Jonna is the real deal. This is what makes the video so powerful.

She is not posting that video to gain followers. She has not been told by a marketer to publish some heart-wrenching content to get a reaction from people like me which will bring her more ad revenue.

I genuinely believe Jonna wouldn't care if her followers dropped back to a few thousand like when I first followed her. She does what she does because she cares. She really does care. And THAT (her caring) is what comes through every single person who speaks on that video.

But this is not just about Jonna. In my humble opinion this video proves that ultimately we are all one. The beautiful attributes that Jonna inspires in her videos (kindness, caring, love of nature etc...), are what all humans yearn for in their own way.

I absolutely love how this video shows the "REAL" agenda of the people living on Earth. I don't want to get too political but it is becoming more and more... NO... Actually, it is already obvious that our governments are not representing the people and their basic needs to live a wholesome life.

I believe this video helps open up the eyes of the people of planet Earth to rise up and share one voice against those world leaders who want to take us into war. Do you ever see those leaders on the front line of the war they want?

I bet you are fed up with prices going up and never going down? Right? I bet you just want the basics, at least, such as a reasonable salary for your work, the ability to afford and pay off a home within 10 years, some pocket money to have fun with.... right? And what about healthcare? I bet you wish you could get a doctor or dentist appointment paid for by the government, with no waiting lists, just fair treatment. I bet you cannot understand how there is no money to make that happen and yet there is money to pay for weapons, drugs etc.... I could keep going but I don't want to detract from the key message of Jonna's video.

Watching the video shows clearly that people like you, all around the world, share heartfelt messages of love and compassion. This made me feel connected with something deep inside me. Did it do the same for you? Something that fills the heart with a formidable strength and spirit. Something that shows people do want peace and to live together in harmony.

Most importantly this video underlines the truth. You are loved unconditionally. Even if other people's words and actions may say otherwise from time to time. Love connects us. Love will save us. I think the Beatles said it best. I will leave you with their words. Take care of yourself, you beautiful person you.

PS: I almost forgot! My message to 4 million people would be this: Treat others as you yourself want to be treated. What would your message be? Please add it to the comments, let's see if we can continue Jonna's wonderful idea...

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. The world needs change as far governments go. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Well. It is broke and it needs fixing. As for people all being loved. Not sure I agree. Would you love the person who raped your daughter?

    1. Hi Katy, you make some really good points. Love your use of the quote about fixing it! I might steal that haha... As for all people being loved... The hardest thing, I have learnt, for a human to do, is to truly see past their own perspective. In the case of loving the person who raped someone. Obviously you would want that person punished; some may say to give them the death sentence, but even in that case, "Love", as a force larger than just you and I (all of us humans), Love would still beam through that person in this and the next life, Love always shines until eventually even the nastiest of humans see it was there all along, and when they open their hearts to seeing it, they will see it shines a light on all of the evil they have done, and in that moment they realize the truth that Love never stopped for them, no matter what their evil mind may have said to them, no matter what circumstances made them do their evil deed. Love is the greatest leveler and conquers all until they are at one and in peace (and that includes the people affected by that rape, eventually love will heal them and bring peace to their hearts and minds). Take care today, sending my love, CJB

    2. Not sure I share your strong faith in love but I do admire it. Kindness is king. Be kind. Don't be cruel. Do this and life will take care of itself.

  2. Beautiful. Had me in tears so many times. Lovely to know people do care.

  3. To the peoples of the world I share you are not alone xoxo

  4. I would tell the world to chillax more why get stressed

  5. My message to four million people would be this. Take time out of your day to find silence and let it heal your mind. Silence truly is golden.

  6. Great comments, keep them coming. It is brilliant to see so many like minded good people. Love you all (just like that woman from Montana said at the end of Jonna's video), I also loved the woman, Linda, before her, here are the last two messages you should see and hear: CLICK HERE TO FAST FORWARD >> ❤️

  7. Simply beautiful. My message to the world is always aim for peace.

  8. Jonna is an angel sent to earth to save us all. God bless her and all those who follow her

  9. I saw this video and it made me cry. There is something about actually hearing others be nice that always gets me. I suppose because most of life you hear the worst of people it is good to know what they are thinking inside.

  10. So beautiful I cried too.

  11. Omg Jonna's an angel x

  12. ❤️❤️❤️

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