It's time to come out of the closet

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come out of the closet

Something deep inside has been brewing for a while.

Something I have been wanting to share with you, and with the entire world!


No, that's not it. Although, loyal blog followers like you will note how the real photos of me have been replaced with the new Bitmoji me as part of this relaunch.

In all seriousness, as much as I will always love to help people heal and thrive, I also want to not limit myself in what I can write here in my blog.

And so, I am making myself the first official "Life Commentator".
What the heck is a "Life Commentator"?

It is someone who comments on life. Anything and everything.

For me the appeal is to not be limited about what I can write. It is to use writing as therapy to discuss all kinds of subjects. To share all kinds of views and knowledge.

How will this new change help you?

In many ways. Entertainment for one. I am likely going to write about and say things I might regret. Therefore, I am going to need you to help me rethink and reshape my opinion on things. I cannot promise I will always change it, but I will listen to what you have to say.

I will also review things so you can benefit from knowing what I have found out. Perhaps you might change your mind about buying a product and save yourself some money. Perhaps I will open your eyes up to something new that will improve your life forever.

In making this change I am looking to find people around the world (and further if any aliens are reading this) who share my yearning to be free to say what ever I want to say without being judged.

I suppose I am also saying, in a round about way, that I want to fight for the freedom for all of us to have our own opinions. I cannot wait to hear what yours is in the comments of the posts I write.

There are no rules either (apart from no obscene language and disrespect / bullying), this blog is the last bastion of us being free to write about anything and everything.

I aim to also throw in some nuggets of wisdom into my posts where I can, some humour to make you smile, and anything else that will help sustain my original goal of helping you heal and thrive.

So. Are you ready?

Great, don't forget to subscribe via the form in the sidebar. That way you will be first to be notified of the things I am saying.

As always, take care today, you are looking good, no you are looking great... oh just get out of here you are making me blush!

Author / Editor: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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