Fancy time travelling back to The Adventure Game from the 1980s

The adventure game TV show

I have always loved getting my overactive mind lost in TV shows.

The more escapist those shows are, the more I love them.

The Adventure Game:

You may remember The Adventure Game from the 80s too? It was after school bliss.

After watching the likes of He-Man and Blue Peter, an army of knackered kids, and parents, would tune in to the show for some much needed downtime.

For my family it was watched on our tiny 14 inch Sony 'Trinitron' colour television set, which, by the way, we used for decades before we inherited a larger colour TV from my grandparents. Would you wait decades, in this day and age, to get a better TV set?

Created by Patrick Dowling, the idea of The Adventure Game was for two celebrities and a member of the public to take a trip to the planet Arg - sometimes willingly, sometimes not - and attempt to work their way through a series of puzzles set by the alien Argonds.

Fancy time travelling back to The Adventure Game?

Yes. Glad you said that because I have filled the time machine with some time travelling juice and all I need you to do is click below when you are ready to go. Click the Tardis if you are ready now?

Moira Stuart

Hope you liked that episode. It featured Moira Stuart (former BBC News Reader). If you want to see more, I have brought them back from the past and stored them in this Memory Lane Playlist [Click to view] on YouTube.

I would love to hear if you remember this or what you think... why do you think this type of TV show was better than those of today? Or do you think the opposite?

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Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. BTW - was it just me, or were you really terrified of the aliens? 🤣

  2. It's not just you, I was so scared I had to race around the back of our long sofa whenever they appeared! Can't believe you found these episodes, such great memories. Thanks C

  3. So many memories of this show. I used to watch it with my sister who passed away last year. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.

  4. I think the big reason these old programmes resonate is that they were generally all watched by most of the country. Which means we all shared the same experiences and memories of watching it. Nowadays with so many channels and internet choices every child watches different things at different times. They lose out on sharing and being part of a community. Well that's my opinion anyway.

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