Why does time fly by the older you get (Part 2 by ChatGPT)

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I wrote Part 1 of "Why does time fly by the older you get", yesterday, and I did this YouTube video yesterday too. Whilst I was making that video I was waffling on, as I tend to do, and it occurred to me that I had not asked ChatGPT that very question. And so I did. This is what s/he/it came up with...

Time Fly By ChatGPT My question to ChatGPT:

Why does time fly by the older you get?

ChaptGPT Christian Jacques Bennett ChatGPT's Answer:

The subjective experience of time can change as we age, and it may seem like time passes more quickly as we get older. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon:

Familiarity: As we age, we become more familiar with the world around us, and we have fewer novel experiences. When we have new experiences, our brains process them more slowly, which can make time seem to pass more slowly. However, when we engage in familiar activities, our brains rely on established patterns and memories, so time seems to pass more quickly.

Perception: Our perception of time is influenced by the number of events we experience in a given period. When we are young, every day is filled with new experiences, and time seems to pass more slowly. As we get older and settle into routines, there are fewer new experiences, and time seems to pass more quickly.

Biological changes: As we age, our brains process information more quickly and efficiently, which can make time seem to pass more quickly. Additionally, some researchers believe that changes in our brain chemistry and circadian rhythms may also play a role in our perception of time.

It's important to note that our experience of time is subjective and can vary depending on our individual circumstances and life experiences. While time may seem to fly by as we get older, it's also possible to slow down and savor our experiences by being mindful and present in the moment.

So what do you think about that?

It's a pretty darn good answer, right?

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