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The purpose of this post is to help anyone who feels they are regurgitating the same negative thoughts every day. What you are about to be told will help you snap yourself out of repeating the same daily routine. The following tip will refresh your mind and help you see things from a new perspective.
This morning I was forced to walk my dog a different route. The reason is the road outside my place was being resurfaced so I couldn't use my car. Thankfully I have trained my mind to react positively to anything my mind is presented with and so I smiled at the change and took this as a welcome opportunity to do something different. For clarity, normally I walk my dog in the countryside whereas today it would be a street walk.
The next 30 minutes of walking ended up feeling like a mini holiday because I filled my senses with different views and stimulation. The fact the weather was amazing helped. Using my FEEL4 way of thinking I focused on enjoying the walk and as I walked I also learned what would make the walk feel better and acted on that to naturally tweak and improve the walk step by step.
I quickly realised that one of the things that made me feel better was randomly changing the route I was walking. So when I found myself suddenly noticing a new alleyway I walked down it. The great thing was, this changing of route led me to a small park I hadn't been in for ages. It showed me different views of buildings I thought I knew, it is amazing how looking at the buildings from the rear alleyway does feel good; I love architecture so I was fascinated to see how people have changed the design of the original Victorian style, some had conservatories, some extensions, some had well kept gardens, some had parking spaces. I was also surprised by the trees and greenery in these alleyways; they were in full bloom which helped.
So how does this apply to you? What is my point?
For a start, walking is healthy and good for you. In a world where we are stuck looking at computers, walking is a great way to get your head out from the internet. Importantly though, by changing a route you walk, you are flooding your mind with a different view on things. You heighten your senses to help you walk that new route and get the most out of it. Ultimately doing this will snap you out of repetition and that is a good thing.
By the way I am not talking here about habits, good habits are important to build. I am talking mainly here about people who perhaps walk the same commute every day, or the same dog walk, and whilst they are doing that they repeat the same worries in their head and that usually equates to the same negative feelings again and again.
The key thing is that your mind always needs stimulation to help you feel better and feel like you are not just stuck in one groundhog day life.
Walking also helps you problem solve, pumping a good supply of blood around your body and giving you a nice dose of oxygen to think clearly.
So if you feel you are stuck in a mundane routine and need to snap out of it, then go on a walk, and choose to walk through new places you have not been for a while, you will come back feeling great.
Take care, let me know how walking has helped you by leaving a comment.
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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