Did you know you can time travel to bring yourself a positive perspective in this moment

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Have I finally lost it? Maybe. Cheeky.
So then, time travel, hey, is it really something you can do? Yes 100%!
This is how. Okay, I admit, on a physical level it is a tougher challenge to move through time (this could change with more scientific discoveries). However. On a non physical level, your mind is not constrained by anything. If you want to time travel you can certainly do that.
Before you get too excited. There are some limitations. You will obviously not be going forward and back in time to what will 100% physically happen, simply because nobody knows what will happen to you physically in the future. But on an imaginary level you will be able to imagine your likely future situation and teleport back through your mind and land in the moment you are in now. Am I confusing you? Let me give you a practical example to follow. Ready?
If you are feeling low in mood in the present moment. It could be to do with work stress. Relationship stress. Or anything else that is niggling your mind to feel down. If you are feeling that way then I want you to do the following. First, think about what you love and hold dear right now. Let me give you an example. Do you have a pet you love more than anything? Do you have a family member you love more than anything? Keep them front and centre in your mind. Next, I want you to imagine that some time in the future you will not be with them. It may be because they pass away or simply move far away, it could be you pass away or move far away... the point is!.. It is pretty certain that at some point your paths will separate in this physical life. The situation will not be as it is now. Do you agree?
Yes I know, you are now feeling even worse right? You are thinking sad thoughts about those you love not being with you. It hurts doesn't it? Good. Huh? Good? What do I mean. I mean that you want to "FEEL" that emotion bubbling up and overriding your initial low mood because you are about to be given a dose of joyous adrenalin courtesy of mental time travel. Ready?
Okay. Let's recap. You are thinking about a loved one not being in your life anymore. You are feeling really sad about that. You are thinking about this at a point in the future. THAT IS THE GREAT NEWS!!! You are able to time travel back into this moment and replace your low mood with feelings of joy. You have returned into this moment realising that your loved one is VERY MUCH IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW! You did it! You returned back from the future to awake your mind to the reality that was in front of you all along. You are blessed to be in the same time and place with your loved ones. This is truly a moment to savour. Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. Fill your mind will every joyous thought they are alive and with you right now to enjoy their company.
How do you feel? Joyous I hope! If not, you haven't time travelled properly so go back and do it again.
You can use this time travelling technique to help make you feel better in any situation. I use it when my dad is really annoying me (for those of you who do not know he moved himself into my bachelor flat almost 2 years ago and trust me he isn't the quiet keep to his room type!). So I use this technique every day. When I am feeling like I want to scream and get some space, I just travel to the future where I find out he has passed away. I really visualise it. Sometimes I cry - BUT ALWAYS - when I feel it, at that stage I ping myself back into this moment and realise he is alive and with me. I hug and kiss him. Tell him I love him. And it ALWAYS makes both he and me feel better. It works.
So the next time you feel down. Remember to time travel yourself a positive perspective in this moment.
As always, leave a comment, share on social media and most of all, take care today.
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