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There are so many money gurus out there telling you how to get rich quick. Whether it is via Amazon selling, stock trading, house investing... whatever it is, they all tend to blind people with their get rich now slogans.
The irony is that "getting rich now" is what will stop you from getting rich.
So who is the best teacher when it comes to knowing what to do to make money?
Nature rules us all. If you know where to look, Nature has a lesson for everything.
So what is the lesson Nature gives about money?
STOP TRYING TO GET RICH QUICK! All that does is make you go insane. Instead use a tree as your money guide.
In nature, you don't see a tree suddenly appear in the ground 50 foot tall. Unless you have been popping some illegal pills which I certainly do not advise. If you look at the above video, you will see that a tree starts off as a seed. In just the same way the seeds of an idea pop into your head that you want to get richer. It is only with a lot of early work (finding somewhere to grow its roots, some regular watering, a little sunshine), that the tree eventually, over time, grows bigger and bigger.
The get rich schemes miss out the part where the seed needs to be planted and worked on. People tend to want to skip the watering and TLC aspect of growing their money and instead want an instant lottery win.
So please do learn from Nature when you are planning to grow your wealth. I recommend the following:
1. Find a seed - AKA a good idea or investment that you can cultivate to grow some routes. This may simply be investing money (seeds) into a range of the best companies in the world. Or starting an entrepreneurial business (another type of seed).

2. Plant the seed properly - Ensure you give your seed the best chance possible and make sure you find the right place to plant it, with the right light to make it grow etc. In other words invest money in companies you love. Start a business you are passionate about. Make sure that the seed of money and or time you are creating has a tried and tested plan to dig it deep into the ground of success.

3. Water the seed - Make sure the seed doesn't wither and die. Water it! If investing then add more money to the investments over time, transfer it from your monthly salary so there are regular injections of cash (water) making the money plant grow. Same with your business, ensure you have good cash flow, you may have to hold down several jobs to bring in the money.

4. BE PATIENT - I cannot over emphasise this one enough. If you cannot be patient, if you expect to see instant profits, then you will never grow your wealth. You will just become a nervous wreck.

5. WEATHER THE STORMS - Be aware that the road to growing your wealth will not be easy. Life will throw all kinds of unexpected storms at you. But in amongst those storms there is power (lessons) that will help grow you stronger and larger.

6. Respect the fruit the tree yields - When you do make money, learn to not spend it all. Use the money like an apple tree uses new apples to re-seed and grow other trees. In the end you will end up with an orchard.
So you see, Nature really is the best lesson to growing your wealth. All you have to do is follow its lessons.
Take care today.
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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