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Today, Sunday 5 June, is platinum jubilee day. It marks 70 years of Queen Elizabeth's (II) reign. If you have read my "Hello" page then you will know that Queen Elizabeth (QE) is one of the role models who inspires me most. Why? This is why:
To me, QE epitomises the general character of a person we should all aspire to become. In my opinion she embodies the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching empeccably. To quote from my book (The Way of Everything - Chapter 30), this part is especially apt:

By all means, lead others,
but lead them towards:
and tolerance.

So much of the book describes her life's actions and temperament.
I also love the way she approached her marriage with Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh). Although the world is changing the way we look at relationships, there is still something deep inside me that believes if you stay the course in a relationship you will reap the benefits. She is a testament to this. I understand they had challenging moments but I think that in the end their time tested loyalty to the marriage made for an inspiring partnership everyone appreciated. It made you feel safe knowing they were together through thick and thin; it felt much like they were our surrogate parents.
One of the things I love most about QE is exactly what I have just stated. She feels like family. Her legacy is one of love. People love her. She is one of the few leaders of the modern world who does not get involved in politics. You can rely on her to just be there for you. She makes you feel protected.
Most of all I believe QE has shown everyone that one person can make a difference to the world. If you follow the right path of taking good actions and leading by example, those around you will benefit. To live a life of service is exactly what QE has done, this is the biggest legacy you can leave for others. Life is not about feeding your ego and thinking always about yourself. By serving others and doing what is right, you will change the world for the better and believe it or not your own inner peace will grow.
God save our Queen 🙏
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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