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I have literally just finished reading an e-book by Kalle Flodin called Find Your True North.
Spoiler alert - IT'S AWESOME!
Why do I think it is awesome? Because it does exactly what you want it to do.
What do you want it to do? Let's start at the beginning. Find Your True North is supposed to guide you step by step to making the changes you need to find and or achieve your dream life. In Kalle's case, he unplugged from his mundane city life and plugged into living amongst the trees in a wooden cabin, nestled in a Swedish forest. He went where his soul was yearning to be. In doing so he has learnt some valuable steps, ones which if others follow, they can do the same. That is what his e-book aims to teach you.
Here is an appetiser for you to get stuck into:
Are you truly serious about finding YOUR true north? Do you really want to be successful in life? Well then there's this one thing you've gotta do: Jump.

I'm being perfectly serious. You've got to run, full speed ahead, against that cliff of life and just dive off of it. You've got to take that big leap of faith.

Are you going to crash? Absolutely. Not only are you going to crash, you're likely gonna catch scars and bruises on the way too.
Kalle has a charming way of putting things and as you read the e-book you feel happy being walked through his experience and taught the steps you can take to find and follow your dreams.
Throughout the e-book you are also given some challenges. These each prep you for making your move. If you follow them they will help you understand what dream you might want to pursue if you don't already know. They will help you map out how you feel about things, what makes you happy and they will give you the coordinates to find your true north.

Another great reason to recommend Kalle's e-book is the access you get to his community on Slack. Everyone is friendly and everyone is there for the similar reasons you are, this means the comradery is there from the start with everyone helping each other out and growing together.
So, to sum up my review, would I recommend you buying the e-book and finding out more about Kalle Flodin?

100% YES.

Why? Kalle is genuine and honest. In purchasing this e-book and connecting with Kalle and his community, you are getting a whole lot for your money. If you are stuck in a situation you don't like and want to find your true north, go ahead and BUY this e-book

If you still need more convincing then please also check out Kalle's spotify podcast series called "My True North"
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