Have you become blind to the joy right in front of you?

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Have you become blind to the joy that is right in front of you? What do I mean? Have I gone loco? Maybe, but give me a chance to explain, so you can refresh your mind's eye and feel joy in the everyday things you do.
Yesterday I was walking my dog in the nearby hills. Whilst I was walking I was hit by a memory. It was vivid and I remembered exactly how I felt when I walked in these hills with my dog for her very first time.
The interesting thing about the memory was, I was not remembering the very first time I had walked my previous dogs in the hills, as amazing as that was, no, I was remembering when I returned for the first time with my current dog, Bella. I remember feeling overwhelmed at how much I had missed dog walks. I missed how beautiful the smell of the grass and trees were in the morning and evening. I missed staring out at the stunning views that overlook many directions. I also remembered how even though I had walked the same paths many times with my previous dogs, decades before Bella was born, I was surprised how seeing the same walk, after having a break, revealed to me the beauty that had been staring me in the face for years. It felt SO GOOD being back in nature.
That memory made me realise that as much as I practice living in the moment and being grateful for everything around me, it is so easy to become blind to the nature that I drove past every day. Why hadn't I stopped the car and taken a walk there for so long? I even realised that as much as I love walking Bella these days, doing the same walk day after day had again started to blind me to the constant beauty the walk shows me. It makes me think what other things am I blind to which are right in front of my face.
I realise I have waffled and maybe not got my point across clearly, so let me pull out the key takeaways from all of the latter.
Yesterday's experience reminded me that all of us are constantly getting blinded to the things we once looked at with fresh eyes and awe. Whether that is a long term relationship (be honest!), or your job, or even a daily walk like the one I take. That blindness will stop you feeling the joy you felt when you first experienced meeting that person, walking through the front door of that new house, getting that new job, and seeing that view for the first time.
So what am I trying to get you to do. I am trying to get you to remain aware and remind yourself in as many moments as you can, that where you are right now is a beautiful and joyous place to be. Feel calm and joyous that you are always where you should be. Refresh your senses to views that you pass by daily, or foods you eat, or drinks you taste, or sounds you hear, or smells you smell... you get it! Use all of your senses to experience every moment with a gratefulness for being alive in your human form to be able to do just that (experience).
And finally, if you are so blinded you cannot see the joy after refreshing your senses, then do the following - TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL!
Travelling away from your home does amazing things to your mind. It helps you gain perspective. The best thing about travelling is that even if you go somewhere that you do not enjoy, it makes coming back home all the more joyous. You find you return home renewed. You see views afresh. You see neighbourhoods afresh. And all the rest!
So please be excited. Feel in awe. Delight in living through this and every moment. You are alive! And right in front of you there is always something to be amazed at.
Take care today. Please share this post if your liked it or comment. Thank you.
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