If only our leaders read and understood the Tao Te Ching there would be lasting peace

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Every day I read my translation of the Tao Te Ching (The Way of Everything) and every day it humbles me.
This morning's chapter made me wonder, why don't our leaders read this book of wisdom. Surely wisdom that has lasted thousands of years should be listened to. Why isn't it taught in our schools?
Before I go on a rant... let me copy and paste Chapter 30 of the book for you to see how this wisdom would have helped the war in the Ukraine and would help stop it now. And hopefully how it will stop another world war.
30. Peace

Leaders should set good examples
for others to follow
and then
if war arises
peace is sought.

Aggression will lead
others to harm,
and harm will lead
others to aggression.

By all means, lead others,
but lead them towards:
and tolerance.

Remember the Way
is everything
and everything is you.
Hence hurting others
will hurt you too.

Peace can never involve conflict
as conflict weakens all involved.

A successful and wise leader
knows all this, hence leads
by following the Way.
Enough said. Take care today.
Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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  1. I love the Tao Te Ching and agree it should be taught in schools. Not sure though everyone has the intelligence to understand it's wisdom and put it into practice.

    1. You don't need intelligence to understand wisdom and be wise.

  2. That is some damn good advice. Think leaders only read books on how to look after themself

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