The power of commenting or clicking a like button or sharing a post

Today I want to talk to you about the power of commenting, clicking a like button, or sharing a post.

First of all let me ask you a few questions and I want some honest answers.

Do you click the like button on social media posts you view more than twice a week?

I am expecting to have mixed answers on that one. For those using social media a lot then the answer is probably a "yes".

Do you share the things you like with other people?

Again, I am expecting a similar answer to above.

Do you add a comment once a week to the social media, blogs and website pages you view?

For this last question I reckon there are a lot of "no" answers.

I get it. I have been guilty of being one of those people who remain silent. The reasons are I probably did not want to get into any kind of an argument with trolls. Being honest I am also slightly worried the person who wrote the post will want a huge spam-like conversation.

The point I want to get across in this post is that doing all these three things - like, comment, share - has an incredible effect on the people who took the time to write about something for the world to see.

Perhaps you have written a book, or have a blog, or a business website, and sometimes you feel the world is ignoring your really good ideas.

You probably feel really put out that you have to pay quite a big amount of advertising costs to get the attention of others.

It is very frustrating that ad companies make a fortune out of us. Are you happy with that?

If you are not happy then did you realise that just leaving a like, comment or sharing a web page you have viewed will help promote and advertise that article for others. Plus, it is 100% free to do.

Besides the free advertising angle, there is a real mental health angle here too.

Many people put their heart and soul into their online posts and articles.

I remember a time after my divorce when I felt really low. I had just launched a new website idea and it hit radio silence. Tumbleweeds could be seen metaphorically rolling across the website. I felt so low that all my efforts had gone unnoticed.

Then along comes this guy from Africa. Smiley faced. Positive. He with his own great ideas and websites. He followed me on social media and left me a simple comment on my website. It was something like, "Great website idea, I have really learnt something and will use it to improve my lifestyle".

That's is all it was, a simple comment. Seeing it though awoke me from going into a depression. I felt elated that someone had taken the time to comment. Someone had viewed my website. From that moment I felt encouraged enough to continue and soon I had many more comments.  

I am not alone. There are millions of people on the internet who are waiting for someone to give them a hopeful sign that they have been listened to and have been noticed.

What's more, liking, commenting and sharing is all 100% free. By doing any of these you are sending positive vibes around the internet and putting everyone in a better frame of mind. 

So, all I ask from you, please, is the next time you are looking at a website / blog page, or a social media post, or video. Show someone you give a damn. Click the like button, leave a comment, share it or do all three. 

Putting my money where my mouth is, here is someone called Chelsea Joyce who did the same for me. She liked one of my tweets. So I did the same for her, I clicked to her Twitter page and liked a tweet, I then went to her YouTube page and liked her video, subscribed and commented. I guarantee you it will make her feel good and it cost me nothing but kindness.

Take care of yourself today.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*

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